Long-Delayed Content: No Longer Delayed

*Sorry about the lack of posting last week, gang; my buyout with the Walt Disney Company took forever to finalize.

So, in the interests of late-in-the-day stuff:

Odd Manga - a "syllabus" now online at Bookforum, a list of books you happen to find interesting and somehow connected. As the title subtly infers, I chose odd manga. Specifically, manga that leads you around the contours of how Japanese comics stand apart.

It's nothing the hardcore won't know already -- they'll be clucking their tongues at my failure to obtain a copy of Jack Seward's semi-legendary 1993 annotated porn anthology/spicy translation guide/novelty paperback Japanese Eroticism: A Language Guide to Current Comics (sorry!) -- but hopefully it'll raise a few happy memories and/or get you thinking. I'll be back with today's regular post shortly.