Well, I got up to seven in my daily posts.

*Surely a week isn't that bad? For a failure.

*Oh! But something is ready now, yes - new column at comiXology. This one deals with one of my oldes and most beloved obsessions, the comics of Jack T. Chick, as paired up with the 1971 Ron Ormond picture If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? It's not hard to find, and it really, truly is a Chick tract in movie form. Compulsively devourable too. I'm told the music outfit Negativland sampled bits of the audio for their Christianity Is Stupid track, and yes, I titled the piece after words of wisdom from renowned theologian Regina Spektor, whose applicable song I've already heard several hundreds of times too many.

I don't get into this in the essay, but Ormond and writer/star Estus W. Pirkle made a second film in 1974, The Burning Hell, which doubles up on familiar Chick motifs: the 'rough' guy being saved in the face of polite society and the tolerant true believer disarming a pair of new age types -- who complain about the fear tactics of fire 'n brimstone evangelicism! -- with the True Facts About Damnation, after which one of them is not saved and dives straight into the Lake of Fire. Ormond, mind you, is 'nicer' than Chick, in that the mean new ager gets killed and nice one lives, although he also tosses in a decapitated head and devotes an inordinate amount of screen time to people lolling around in Perdition, rocking back and forth and begging and screaming.

However, in the end it's just not the assault on the senses that Footmen is, though; a Bible story bit in the middle kinda slows things down in particular, much in the way that Chick's straighter Gospel adaptation stuff gets draggy. Still totally worth watching, of course. The third and final Ormond/Pirkle spectacular, 1977's The Believer's Heaven, is excerpted in one of my YouTube links. Sorry if Blood Feast grossed you out, but hey - the guy warned you.