The now-expected second Monday post.

*Am I used to this?


Cold Heat #5/6 (of 10) (the return of Ben Jones' & Frank Santoro's pulsing PictureBox action comic, better than ever, if limited in print run and only available online)


A Drifting Life (the big new Yoshihiro Tatsumi autobio manga brick, coming soon from Drawn and Quarterly)

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*Not really too much due, but some odd surprises -


My Mommy is in America & She Met Buffalo Bill: Hit the alarm, we've got a Fanfare/Ponent Mon sighting! And this time it isn't manga, or even manga-related, but a 120-page, $25.00 book from 2007 by writer Jean Régnaud & artist Émile Bravo, the latter of whom has contributed several pieces to MOME (including a semi-legendary 'trick' story in vol. 8), and just recently picked up an "Essentials" prize at Angoulême for his work with the Marcinelle-style Belgian comics ur-character Spirou in Spirou et Fantasio, Le journal d'un ingenu. This particular book got an Essentials designation last year; it's an anecdotal work based on Régnaud's childhood, in which comical antics gently wash over a boy's curiosity as to why his mother isn't around anymore. Review by Bart Beaty here; preview here.

The Adventures of Blanche: Oh, this should be neat - a Dark Horse hardcover collection of the great Rick Geary's 1992-2001 adventure series about a Kansas pianist (loosely based on his grandmother) who runs into trouble in various locales (New York, Hollywood, Paris) in the early 20th century. It's $15.95 for 104 pages (er, it was an intermittent series); preview here.

Drinky Crow's Maakies Treasury: Titled to helpfully tie in with the Adult Swim animated series, this is a 272-page, $29.99 hardcover omnibus edition of three prior collections of Tony Millionaire's long-lived weekly strip (2003's The House at Maakies Corner, 2004's When We Were Very Maakies and 2005's Der Struwwelmaakies), covering half a decade of the strip's life. Still in that lavish 12" x 5" landscape format, designed by Chip Kidd. PDF preview here; slideshow here.

American Flagg! Definitive Collection TP Vol. 2: More of the Howard Chaykin classic, in the form of a 256-page $19.99 Image softcover. It's basically the second half of that big hardcover brick that came out a while ago, so it collects issues #8-14, including the end of writer/artist Chaykin's introductory megastory and a pair of added issues with guest artists James Sherman, Pat Broderick & Rick Burchett. As before, the colors are entirely redone, since the available source materials demanded it.

C’est Bon Anthology Vol. 6: The latest in this Sweden-based comics anthology, particularly noteworthy this time around for the presence of the very excellent Olivier Schrauwen, he of My Boy and MOME vol. 12. That'll be worth a peek. It's $17.95; list of artists here.

Tor: A Prehistoric Odyssey: A DC hardcover collection for writer/artist Joe Kubert's 2008 loving ode to his '50s caveman character. Indulgently narrated in more-or-less the manner of a genuine genre piece from half a century ago, but gosh can the 82-year old Kubert still draw the beasties and things. It's 160 pages for $19.99.

The Complete Just A Pilgrim: And in other contemporary hardcover reprints news, Dynamite brings us a 240-page, $29.95 collection of all material from Garth Ennis' & Carlos Ezquerra's 2001-02 post-apocalypse western, originally published by Black Bull. I totally missed all of this the first time around.

Alan Moore's Light of Thy Countenance: You've gotta hand it to Avatar; they apparently managed to rack up some nice sales by releasing that colorized edition of The Courtyard right before the Watchmen movie came out, and now it's just after the second weekend and here comes an all-new comics adaptation of one of Moore's prose stories, this time a lil' ditty about television from the 1995 Nancy A. Collins/Edward E. Kramer horror anthology Forbidden Acts. Brought to panels by Antony Johnston, with painted color art by Felipe Massafera; 48 pages for $7.99.

Rawbone #1 (of 4): Being a new Jamie Delano series, a no-doubt nasty thing about 17th century pirates and religion and suffering on the high seas and all of that. Art by Max Fiumara; from Avatar, $3.99.

Hellblazer #253: And speaking of the house Alan Moore & Jamie Delano helped build, here's more from the new run of the peer, Peter Milligan.

Age of Bronze #28: Hey, it's an issue of this. Eric Shanower, as always.

Mysterius: The Unfathomable #3 (of 6): Jeff Parker, Tom Fowler and sparkling magic.

The Zombies That Ate the World #2 (of 8): Guy Davis, care of France. This issue should be more Metal Hurlant stuff from a few years ago.

Azrael: Death's Dark Knight #1 (of 3): This has something to do with Battle for the Cowl, but it might be particularly worth a look for the presence of the always-interesting Frazer Irving on visuals. Have a look; I love that stuff.