Another Endeavor!!

*Oh no, what the hell is this?!

Why, it's my NEW COLUMN at the wise and friendly comiXology, home to Tucker Stone of The Factual Opinion, Noah Berlatsky of The Hooded Utilitarian, Shaenon K. Garrity of VIZ Media, Kristy Valenti of The Comics Journal and Karen Green of Columbia University (all 'of's non-exclusive, of course!).

It's titled The Watchman, previously written by Kent M. Beeson; as you can probably guess, it's (yes!) a movies-and-television-and-whatnot column, all somehow comics-connected. I've immediately betrayed everyone's trust by talking about anime, specifically the new Afro Samurai: Resurrection, which has a related manga on the stands now. It'll be a twice-monthly thing that'll run every second Monday. Hope you enjoy.