Me, Free

*Hey, I've got a review of Chris(tophe) Blain's Gus and His Gang (one of my favorites of 2008) in the new issue of Bookforum; it's my first piece for that fine publication. You can read it online here. Hope it's to your liking! (and don't miss Dan Nadel on Dark Horse' Herbie Archives series either)

*Also, in case you haven't yet heard, issue #3 of the newspaper-about-funnies Comics Comics is now online, including my ode to the early weeks of Bud Fisher's famous early 20th century newspaper strip, Mutt and Jeff. Lots of other stuff in there too, including Dan Nadel's critique of the Masters of American Comics exhibition, Tim Hodler on works by Steve Gerber, Guy Davis interviewed by Sammy Harkham, an essay by Kim Deitch, Frank Santoro on Frank Miller's Ronin, and so much more. Never hesitate to click.

*Oh, and I've got a Final Crisis #6 review right here too.