Yes, I still do link posts.

*Golgo 13 Dept: Because it's too good to leave buried in the past - Todd Ciolek (of Anime News Network's gaming column The X Button) has written in with some info regarding the beloved Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode NES game... turns out planner/director/writer/graphic designer Shouichi Yoshikawa has a website. With parts in English! Like a whole section devoted to posting his Golgo 13 script!! Damn, they were Nazis in the original?! Pour a stiff drink, gird your loins with frames and animated gifs, and relive the magic to the smooth sounds of two decades passed.

Also: an English-language interview with Yoshikawa, loaded with minutia, fragmented J-gaming history (dirty arcade block-breakers!) and the 'auteur' theory of '80s game development. Read that too.