A Weekend Contrast

*Good Links Dept: Here's an excellent review by Steve Flanagan of Bryan Talbot's Alice in Sunderland, executed in the style of the comic itself, which is to say it's a comics-format lecture that makes extensive use of digital collage from various sources. I particularly enjoyed the bits covering Talbot's antecedents - Steve goes a bit more into the Iain Sinclair flavor I mentioned quickly in my own review, and confirms that I really ought to find a copy of Slow Chocolate Autopsy (and he's also right-on about the heavy Sinclair influence on From Hell - Moore prefaced the famed 'tour of London' chapter with an appreciation of Sinclair's works upon its initial publication in Taboo). Well worth reading.

*Bad Links Dept: On the other hand, if you really hate yourself it'd be a great idea to click here. Make sure nobody's around, or you'll probably get punched or divorced, or maybe put in jail. I am glad those subtitles are there. I hate to live my life not knowing what that song is about.

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