I know I talk about the weather a lot in these post titles, but god - from under 40 to over 70 every day...

*The meteors will be raining down any week now.



Alice in Sunderland (new Bryan Talbot, maybe not what you expected)

*Well That Was Certainly That Dept: Grant Morrison is apparently off The Authority for a while after issue #4. Scroll down to the Darick Robertson section. That’s the same time Gene Ha is set to leave. Now come on - didn’t you expect this? No word on if he’s gone for good, but he’s definitely gone through issue #9. The new team will be Christos Gage and Robertson. Be sure to check out the whole article for various jokes about Morrison’s current penchant for slow writing. I will be absolutely shocked if he sticks with Wildcats for more than another handful of issues.

Also, same link: Gene Ha is only drawing half the new eight-issue Top Ten miniseries Zander Cannon is writing. Or was that known before?

*First things first here - no, All Star Superman #7 is not on Diamond’s list for the week, even though some sources seem to think it’s coming out. Maybe it’ll be one of those things where some shops serviced by certain warehouses get a book while others don’t, but try not to look forward to it that much. Otherwise:


Little Nemo Complete Works: Oh, this is another new printing of the old Winsor McCay compilation from Taschen, back yet again to present 432 pages of everything Little Nemo from 1905-1914. The price is scandalously low at $29.99, so please buy it if you haven’t already!

Elk’s Run: I suspect all of you reading are familiar with the title - during its unfinished serialization (moving from early self-published issues to the ill-fated Speakeasy), Elk’s Run was one of those comics blog favorites that tend to crop up every so often, word spreading from site to site until everyone who’s reading much of anything is at least semi-informed, even if (like me) they haven’t read the work. It’s a suspense story, dealing with familial bonds and creeping troubles in a ‘perfect’ small town, each chapter adopting the viewpoint of a new character. Now it’s managed the impressive feat of being issued in a completed, 224-page trade paperback edition from Random House’s Villard (also the line that’s been releasing Flight). Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, art by Noel Tuazon, colors by Scott A. Keating. It’s $19.95.

Madman Atomic Comics #1: Well shit, the new Madman ongoing from Image is really starting. I'm already seeing some uncertainty online as to whether this is actually showing up this week, so I can only say it's on Diamond's list for release. I really enjoyed creator Mike Allred’s last incarnation of the concept as part of his self-published team book The Atomics, which came as something of a relief after the Dark Horse-published Madman Comics got bogged down in backstory revelations and the like. I don’t know what will happen here, but it’s happening, and will feature “an innovative recap of every essential event in the Madman mythos.” Hmm. Preview here.

American Splendor: Another Day: The collected edition of the recent Vertigo incarnation of Harvey Pekar’s creation. Even as far as American Splendor goes it falters a bit in terms of attention in the middle, but there’s some very interesting art in here from the likes of Eddie Campbell, Gilbert Hernandez, Dean Haspiel, and a remarkably appropriate Richard Corben. Also out in collections from DC - writer/artist Joe Kubert’s Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy.

Cromartie High School Vol. 10: The manga series march on…

Buddha Vol. 6 (of 8): Ananda: Even when they’re softcover reissues.

The Midnighter #6: Worth noting as the last issue Garth Ennis will be writing until at least July, with one-off issues by Brian K. Vaughan and the aforementioned Christos Gage to follow. Also worth noting as the return of artist Glenn Fabry, who worked with Ennis on the early Kev stories that no doubt sparked interest in him writing a Midnighter series to begin with.

The Immortal Iron Fist #4: Holding.

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #3 (of 7): Pattern.

The Punisher MAX #46: In.

52 #48 (of 52): Pamphlets.

Warren Ellis’ Wolfskin #3 (of 3): In case you’ve been seeing the preview hype for Warren Ellis’ and Juan Jose Ryp’s new Black Summer series (you know, about the superhero who kills the President) while thinking to yourself “gee, didn’t those two have another series going on for a while there?” - here is the conclusion to that other series.