Another weekday with no posting time.

*Story of my life. I have to say I enjoyed the new All Star Superman, which not only busts out Bizarro World for what would very fittingly be the only two-part story of the initial 12-issue run (it's bizarro in that way), but also ties into the Black Kryptonite story from issue #4 to throw into even sharper relief how much of this series is dedicated to Superman confronting alternate or twisted versions of himself. There were the mythological 'supermen' in issue #3 (not to mention SuperLois), the opposite Superman of #4, the future Supermen of issue #6, the running comparison of Superman and Lex Luthor in issue #5... it's pretty impressive how many times writer Grant Morrison can run the title hero through a process of examining externalized variations of himself (perfect for that running theme of Superman's self-analysis) without the concept getting stale.

This particular issue isn't as focused on character as others - it's mainly action sequences and cute ideas, although the page with Superman frolicking with an All Star Sun-Eater (as seen DCU-style in 52) kind of summed up the whole appeal of the series on its own. As always, Superman proves to be the kindest being in the universe as well as the mightiest - his greatness is so profound, it seems to transcend the bizarro nature of Bizarro Superman, who finds himself on his own path of discovery by issue's end, with the introduction of yet another Super-Variant. Maybe this is more of a commentary on Superman's unimpressive rogues gallery than I thought?

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