*So many distractions today. This fine piece of entertainment provides a really apt metaphor - keep on struggling, filling the box a little bit each time, until it’s full enough to climb out of. Then you’re in a new box, and everything starts over. Plus, your computer starts to run slow, and you have to avoid the red explosives for bonus points. That’s my day!

*God, did anything interesting happen at all? I ate a quiche for the first time. It wasn’t very good. Just like that coconut I tried to eat the other day. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected an unadorned coconut to taste great, but god damn I’d never eaten a coconut, and I decided I had to. Of course, only after buying it did I realize that I’d have to break it open, and the walls in my building are pretty thin, so everything I do with even the smallest application of force can be heard by everyone else, and I didn’t want everyone to think I was hammering nails or anything. So I took the coconut out to my car along with my trusty hammer, and I whacked that sucker wide open, hopefully to the amusement of folks passing by. You know what’s kind of sour and distressing? Coconut water. Or maybe it was just that coconut.

*New Links Dept: In case anyone didn’t know yet, John Kricfalusi of The Ren & Stimpy Show and The Ripping Friends fame has a blog, and an awful lot of neat images have been posted already, plus some fine information on various unrealized projects. Of most immediate interest to me is a series of plot descriptions for the long-planned prime-time show, The George Liquor Program, particularly the one where the cast hunts down Osama Bin Laden and various evil terrorists: “When he’s all soft and stupid, they beat the crap out of him and end all wars forever.” Ah, but how will Batman approach the situation?

I remember really enjoying those two Yogi Bear cartoons Kricfalusi did a while back…

*Oh, this is a pretty good game too (at least the demo I downloaded). But then, I like slightly arcade-type puzzle games that give me a headache until I give up and look up the answers, and then I cry. The ‘Kids Alphabet Fun’ levels were pretty much on my plane though.

*Bed. Comics tomorrow.