Happy Card Day!

*Today was Valentine's Day, a special day in which men and women across the globe sit together and make vague, sniping comments about consumer culture and drop quasi-realized references to large corporations dictating something or whatnot. You can just imagine how tired out I am from such strain, so how about we all sit back and slip a delicious candy bar into our shopping bags? Less than sixty cents at Wal-Mart!

*I can hardly retain the information as to what DC has cooked up for May, so much is my mind like a seive. What I'm most looking forward to is actually coming out in June - Rick Veitch's long-promised 352-page (!) graphic novel Can't Get No, concerning the experiences of a suddenly illustrated man following 9/11. In landscape format, mixing comics and prose, I do believe. As a special bonus, DC is skipping the hardcover route and offering it instantly as a pretty inexpensive ($19.99) softcover, which is just dandy by me. I'm pretty sure the last big Veitch 'solo' project was the underrated Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset at ABC, and that one featured a slew of guest artists - this is all Veitch, a rare treat, and something I'm really looking forward to.

Elsewhere, I notice that Jim Rugg is contributing art to issue #3 of the Steven T. Seagle-written American Virgin, forming a truly formidable troika with regular artist Becky Cloonan and cover artist Frank Quitely.

Dark Horse has a new book by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, De: Tales, a 112 page assortment of stories featuring one or both brothers at the helm, exploring everything from everyday life to magical realism; certainly worth looking out for. There's a metric shitload of Kazuo Koike-written manga releases, including Vol. 2 of the reprinted Crying Freeman, the fourth and concluding book in the Lady Snowblood series, and perhaps most interestingly for many, the start of another lengthy series with Lone Wolf and Cub/Samurai Executioner partner Goseki Kojima, Path of the Assassin, a fifteen-book epic made after those other two series (1978-84), this time following the exploits of a famed ninja and the young man he is sworn to protect.

And Marvel appears to be enjoying some kind of Event. Not the one in space. A different one. This one might involve space too.