FCBD postgame preview.

*It was a good Free Comic Book Day.

*I'm tired.

*I knew it would be a fine Free Comic Book Day when I discovered that the road leading out of town was blocked by a boat and men in Nordic costume.

*The recurring theme of the day: children in the comics shop may be a good sign for the future, but they're still damned annoying.

*Or maybe I'm just defensive because I almost knocked a tiny baby girl out of her father's arms as I looked at Vertigo trades.

*"Tales Designed to Thrizzle"?? C'mon Kupperman, that's too late to be directly funny and too early to work as distanced concept humor. You're in the deadly middle.

*I am also now two Batman HeroClix richer.

*I'm so tired.

*I'll have a full rundown tomorrow.