Comics are way cheap.

*I saw it in my dreams. “Green Lantern/Green Arrow”, a motion picture. It’s first a beautiful widescreen polish, Hal Jordan receiving orders from those blue fellows in a lavish space-age set; it’s inviting in the way that Kubrick is inviting, tantalizing the eye but letting you know how far off to stand. Hal exits. He flies through space, to Earth.

And then it’s the early 70’s and film is wavering in focus and 16mm; a Harry Novak fuzz guitar soundtrack blares. Hal Jordan walks down a busy city street (the 'extras' don’t know they’re being filmed!) with moral purpose, looking exactly as fucking ridiculous as a man in bright green and black longjohns and a little mask would, but he doesn’t care or possibly even notice. He’s the absurd righteous force in this Verite world. The film’s title flashes in chunky yellow letters as Hal approaches the camera.

I woke up then and never even saw Green Arrow or the sweet sweet smack that Speedy would enjoy, but a taste was enough for me.

*I’m going to split things up into tiers for this installment of


all to match the tears on my cheeks.


Eisner/Miller: Yep, it’s finally coming out. This huge 350 page book presents an extended conversation between motion picture sensation Frank Miller and the late Will Eisner on the art of comics. Plenty of illustrations (some full-page) and photos too, but I imagine that the sheer length of the thing suggests a very in-depth discussion (or simply lots of double-spacing), hopefully of as many facets of comics art and commerce as possible; I’d really like to hear creator-rights firebrand Miller’s thoughts on Eisner’s early years heading a Golden Age production sweatshop, as I’m sure some fascinating conversation would result. Dark Horse’s preview bodes well:

Miller: What are some of the things you love most about cartooning?

Eisner: To me, inking is sexy.

Miller: Inking is very sexy!

Eisner: It’s like downhill skiing.

Miller: Especially brush.

Eisner: I’ve always use a brush.

Miller: The brush is the most erotic tool you could work with.

Sounds like a good time to me, and if you’ve got twenty bucks and a hankering for either of these creators, you really want this.

Why Are You Doing This?: The latest release by Jason, one of my absolute favorites; you‘ll recall that I declared his last work, “You Can’t Get There From Here” to be my #1 favorite comics release of 2004. This one’s his first English-language book in full color, and promises plenty of suspense as a typical Jason anthropomorphic is accused of a murder he didn’t commit. There are reasons to hesitate. The set-up immediately evokes memory of “The Iron Wagon”, which in my opinion was Jason’s weakest effort, the load of heavy dialogue and exposition not easily carried by his unique presentation. But “The Iron Wagon” was also an adaptation, and this is original material, and I have the utmost confidence in Jason’s judgment in developing his own plot as attuned to his own means of presentation. The $12.95 tag for a 48-page book might also throw some potential readers off, but I think the quality of the work will more than justify the price. I’m hurting from being unable to afford this right now.

Blecky Yuckerella: A collection of prolific Johnny Ryan’s weekly strip from “Vice Magazine” and “The Portland Mercury”. Well over 100 pages of gag strips, packed with corny jokes and revolting sights. I thought this one was funny. Actually, here’s an archive of thirty of these things, just so you can slurp up a delicious taste, fresh from the toilet bowl. Ryan’s art is very slick, and there’s something subversively sweet about the classic four-panel gag format being used in such a flagrantly horrid way. Only twelve bucks, too.


Zig Zag #1: From AdHouse Books, who put out neat stuff. It’s a fun-looking all-ages project from J. Chris Campbell, of many minicomics. It’s a one-man anthology series, and it might have been up for a blind buy in different circumstances, but that $6 price tag is pushing me away. Campbell has something in AdHouse’s Free Comic Book Day book this Saturday, so maybe I’ll wait until then for a better look at his stuff.

Bigfoot #3 (of 4): Exploitation film on paper, courtesy of writers Steve Niles and Rob Zombie, and mangy beast artist extraordinaire Richard Corben, without whom this project would probably be totally useless. Corben’s art makes the sicko vibe of saga of the titular monster palatable as far as happy junk comics go. But four bucks was pushing it under normal circumstances, and it’s pushing it too far this week.


NYC Mech: Beta Love #1: The debut of the second series for this Image production, written by Ivan Brandon and Miles Gunter, with art by Andy MacDonald. Robots are the predominant citizens of NYC, and here’s a story of love and crime among them. If you want to see for yourself if the series looks good, the creators have generously uploaded the complete first two issues of the first six-issue mini, freshly re-colored too. A really nice, slick visual style on this one.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #18: Yes, even dear old Ellis is on the wait list for this week, despite the comparatively dirt-cheap $2.25 tag and the fact that it’s the last chapter of the recent storyline and Ellis’ last issue of the book. Well, maybe I’ll make a little room (but then again, I know this’ll be waiting for me at a later date on the shelves).

The Intimates #7: Last issue was pretty interesting; lots of fragmented glimpses of various characters’ pasts, and another neat way of doing without the text scroll at the bottom (wiped out with coherent reality). So this issue will (maybe) be an interesting one to scan for where the series now plans to go.

Seven Soldiers - Shining Knight #2 (of 4): No! Not when we’re finally getting into the meat of the project! Will the Internet be spared my insights into “Seven Soldiers”? SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!


Concrete: The Human Dilemma #5 (of 6): Oh come on; like there’s any way I’d miss out on the follow-up to the many surprising events of last issue, as the soap operatics try to fend off the political debating for supremacy. There’s also a new twist in this issue too which I know about becasue I am a good Internet soldier. Don’t miss out.