*A quote to inform your weekend:

"'The Regrettable Ruse of Rocket Redglare' (Prog 234) was an early example of my pathological tendency towards taking old, well-loved characters and then thoroughly debasing them. Comic fans love this kind of thing, believe me."

-Alan Moore, on setting the stage of the future, from his introduction to "Alan Moore's Shocking Futures", a collection of his "2000 AD" shorts, released in 1986. In the same essay, Moore refers to the Superman origin scenario as "old and enfeebled". Ah, the passion of (relative) youth!

*The stories in that book are pretty great, actually. Far away from his most renowned work, but perfectly fun and smart little 2-5 page bites of story, and often very funny. One of them, "Sunburn", features a fellow on the run from the law having committed murder at a resort on the Sun. It seems Moore needed some way of keeping his attention focused, since virtually every line of dialogue has some sort of 'heat'-related pun. "Oh no! A police launch hot on my trail!" "Boy! Am I in a hot situation!" "I shouldn't have flared up like that..." "I'll have really found my 'place in the sun'!" And so on and so forth. An awful lot of this style was held over for Moore's work on "Tomorrow Stories" at ABC, much later. I expect Moore was somewhat anxious to get back to such writing...