A Sin on Easter Sunday.

*Yes! The Easter Bunny left me a new coffee grinder! Oh, legal addictions are truly the reason for the season!

*In the interests of spreading Easter Cheer as far and wide as possible, I have decided to offer everyone a very special Easter treat:

The First Resoundingly Negative “Sin City” Review I’ve Found!

Folks who recall the days when Christopher Allen and Abhay Khosla were doing comics columns at Movie Poop Shoot will surely remember the film-related writings of Mr. Jeffrey Wells at that same site. He’s got his own personal Internet home now, which I check out every week or so, and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t have a short “Sin City” reaction for us all to savor. No links, sadly; scroll down to the ‘Wired’ section, then check out the first 3/20/2005 entry.

Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll find:

But take no notice of anyone (Rodriguez included) calling this a film noir flick. There is real film noir -- crime movies made with a downbeat fatalistic attitude, and grounded in a reasonable facsimile of human truth -- and there is simplified noir lite for chumps.”

I suspect that when the film enters wide release there might be some interesting conversation as to how exactly the work fits into the film noir tradition. Maybe Wells himself will elaborate in a full column if the film happens to hit big. Devoted readers will recall Wells’ dislike of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, which prompted a whole series of interesting writings, and plenty of angry letters itching for responses. And speaking of prompting responses:

This is noir as re-imagined by Frank Miller and digested by comic-book geeks in their 30s who live in their lonely heads and haven't gotten laid very much or gotten to know women at all.”

Note to Abhay: I thought he was gonna go for the gold there, but he stopped just short of the ‘V’ word. And no mention of our parents’ basements, from whence all of our Internet comments issue? Disgraceful!

But even Mr. Wells must concede a bit, just a bit:

That said, Sin City has some of the most beautiful black-and-white compositions I've ever seen... two hours of silvery shimmering bliss. That is, except for the tedious stuff, which is relentless.”

And there’s more (well, not too much more actually) at the above semi-link. Check it out, enjoy your holiday if you happen to celebrate it, and I’ll be back again tomorrow with more candied verbosity.