Cash money hustle right now.

*Well, this should be easy on the wallet.


you know, just to more effectively convey the excitement of this upcoming Wednesday’s books, I think I’ll make this feature a little more specific this week; I don‘t usually buy everything I highlight in this feature, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, and often I just chat about books I feel like chatting about. While we’re at it, I also don‘t consider the comments in this section ‘reviews’, largely because they‘re too short and often I haven‘t read (nor do I ever plan to read) a quarter of the books I talk about. But just this once, I think a step away from the norm will prove useful.


Ed the Happy Clown #1 (of 9): You may have heard of this one, the first major serial to come out of Chester Brown’s classic “Yummy Fur”; the collected edition has been out of print for a while. Now it’s back, but not in an updated trade form. From what I understand, Brown is simply re-serializing the unedited version of the story in this miniseries, while simultaneously working on an updated, reworked version to go direct-to-collection. Thus, this is your last (?) shot to pick up the original version (well, aside from just buying the old trade used), although since bits and pieces from the original “Yummy Fur” serialization were dropped for the first trade version, I don’t even know which ‘original’ version we’re talking about here. Someone please correct me if I’ve gotten any of this wrong; I think this first issue will also feature an explanation by Brown, and hopefully some nice extras will be spread out across this series. This is far wilder material than what Brown’s later works might lead you to expect, so it’ll be fascinating to see how the older Brown plans to tinker with the story later on.

Seven Soldiers - Guardian #1 (of 4): Yes! The “Seaguy” team is back at it! Everyone loved “Seaguy”, right? DC really must have loved it, since despite the fact that the “Seaguy” trade was just recently released (and could presumably use some tasty cross-promotion), and despite this being the first subsequent re-teaming of writer Grant Morrison and artist Cameron Stewart, DC’s own website declines to mention poor “Seaguy” anywhere in the “Guardianhype, opting instead to mention Stewart‘s work on “Catwoman”, which does make some sense given that people actually bought that one. Maybe DC is concerned that none of their DCU readers have heard of those weird things going on at Vertigo, too… anyway, here’s an idea. Let’s all take the wonderful fantasy of additional issues of “Seaguy” and put them in the drawer now, next to the “Marvel Boy” file, so my heart won’t break anymore. Ok?

Garth Ennis’ 303 #4 (of 6): Ennis seems to have split the book in half, with the first three issues having taken place in the past, and the remainder presumably taking place in the future, as our ultra-collected Russian super-soldier (far closer to recent Russian tourist Frank Castle than many of the protagonists of Ennis’ “War Story” work, though this book at least faintly resembles both of those venerable Ennis projects) journeys off to strike a major blow, presumably against the US. The book has gotten quite good at teasing the reader with all manner of gruesome political possibilities, playing up the natural serialization down-time with questions as to how far the story is willing to go. I really don’t know where this story is planning to end up, and that’s a nice place for this type of book to be in.

And that’s all. Hmm, “Ed the Happy Clown” is only $3 too, which is kinda cheap for a D&Q book at this point. The $4 price point on Avatar’s color work is holding strong though. So yeah, $10 of comics this week. Three comics, $10.

Before tax.

Did I say this would be easy on the wallet?

Well, comparatively