Here's the post where I catch up on everything.

*Hey folks, you hear about that guy writing some "Iron Man" book and stuff? Wow, it's like... yeah... he's writing it.

*The freshness date on solicitations commentary is totally past. You're going to pour this carton of commentary into your glass and there's going to be chunks in it. Big chunks. You might as well start making commentary cheese out of it and take it down to the Farmer's Market of Commentary up in Commentary County and trade it for a bushel of apricots (not commentary apricots, those are poison).


-Marvel is way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way too cool to have their solicitations on this list so I therefore am too cool to look for them OH I AM TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL SMOKING IN THE BOYS ROOM THAT LANGUAGE IS OUT OF LINE SON DETENTION.

Dark Horse

-New "Sock Monkey"!!! "That Darn Yarn" is a fresh hardcover ($7.95 for 40 pages) adventure for Tony Millionaire's beloved epic hero. This time around, he unravels from reality at the same point as he's created. I've still not bought the last hardcover (BAD ME) but this stuff is always worth reading.

-Eric Powell is starting a new miniseries, "Billy the Kid's Old-Timey Oddities". It's not really coming out in March but Dark Horse decided to mention it in the latest solicitation for "The Goon". Good use of limited space A+!

-The Katsuhiro Otomo scripted "Hipira: The Little Vampire" is getting a US release; it's a 48-page children's book with art by frequent Otomo anime background artist and "Steamboy" art director Shinji Kimura. Probably going to look great; I think it might be a picture book rather than a comic, but I can't find any info.


-Really, that guy on the cover of "DC Countdown"? The one Batman's holding? Never looked like anyone but Nightwing to me. I first looked at the cover and thought "Oh. Nightwing. Things are shaken up now." I had to be told that his identity was supposed to be a mystery. It may very well not be Nightwing at all, but it sure looks like him to me, and it's tough to even speculate on the mystery because now 'Nightwing' is not leaving my head. Squatter's rights and all. I did love this part of the solicitation: "It’s a project that will resonate for months to come..." Wow! Entire months?! That's pretty good for recent Big storylines. I like honesty A+!

-"Seven Soldiers"! Wheeeeee!

-"100%"!!! Triple wheeeeee! If you missed this amazing sci-fi romance comic by Paul Pope you really owe it to yourself to check this long-awaited collected edition out. It seemed like every new issue tried to top the last in amazing visual set-pieces, with plenty of detailed world-building tidbits and vibrant, rounded characters. Olde-tyme Pope fans will note the presence of little bits from the abandoned "Smoke Navigator" graphic novel as partially glimpsed in "Buzz Buzz Comics Magazine" and I know I heard somebody (Pope himself?) mention that ideas from an aborted "Escapo" story also made their way in, so there's quite a few creative ties to Pope's past, although the book always feels like its own story. I seriously can't recommend this book enough.


-"Flaming Carrot" #2: "Flaming Carrot solves the mystery of the pygmies in the woods who are constructing a giant ear out of French bread. The newswoman, who Flaming Carrot seduces in the last issue to avert bad press and character assassination, goes into a jealous rage when she learns of his upcoming date with a two-headed woman. The singing zombie runs amok and kills a man in a computerized dog suit. Also, Flaming Carrot pops some bubble wrap."


-"Flight" is getting a second volume, which is good. I never got around to picking up the first one, but a big anthology for new creators from someone in the front of Previews is never a bad idea, though I see some more established talents like Jeff Smith and Doug Tennapel are participating this time around.

-Oh, so Image is also reviving "Negative Burn" besides doing that Best Of collection? That's something; now Image has two irregular anthology books. Interesting batch of talents, like Kurt Busiek, Zander Cannon, Evan Dorkin, Erik Larsen, Brian Bolland, Bob Burden... might be pretty cool. Fantagraphics is going to have two anthology series as well. I like the damn things, but maybe the new "Kramer's Ergot" just has me flying high...

-Shadowhawk is in a new revival of Jim Valentino's "The Pact", except it's an all new line-up, with each issue by a different creator. Sorry, I just love tracking Shadowhawk's progress. It's liek birdwatching except I don't need to let the shameful rays of the sun strike my delicate skin.


-Looks like Mike Allred's "The Golden Plates" is now officially a 12-issue series. That archeological evidence in the back had better blow my mind I'm holding you to this, solicitation!

-New three issue "Robocop: War Party" book from Avatar, by Steven Grant and Carlos Ferreira. I wonder if the Frank Miller book will be finished by then? I noticed a special Victory cover being offered for the last issue. Is the 'Victory' in question getting the series finished before the fucking heat death of the sun? There's also "303" issue #6 (of 6). Issue #2 has yet to show. And hey, issue #4 (of 4) of "Alan Moore's Hypothetical Lizard". I guess that could be done. Hypothetically. Is the novella this is based on really "one of Alan Moore's greatest works"? I will take Avatar's word for it A+!

-Oh awesome! Jeff Smith is putting out a third slipcase for the rest of the "Bone" trades! Now my shelf will look nice and sensible, provided that Smith lets me purchase the slipcase alone, since I already have all the books...

-Fantagraphics dips into the manga pool with a best-of compilation of Tori Miki's wordless humor comic "Anywhere But Here". Nice.

-The "Popbot Reader" does not appear to have anything along the lines of analysis or examination from what I can gather; rather, there's an image gallery, a new story, and a feature on the making of a Popbot statue. Well, I guess it is something you read...

-Speakeasy Comics is putting out the first volume of "Yoshitaka Amano's Hero", a book I recall hearing about long long ago. I think it was supposed to be a multimedia project, with the comic as one part of a tapestry of stuff. I'm a sucker for Amano's art (Wolverine never looked as pretty as he did in that one book!) so I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

*I need to catch up on memes too. Here's one I got from Johnny.

1. Grab the nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

"He's a clever one, that bad guy!" from the closest book near me here in my parents' house, where I am for the holidays, "Dave Barry Talks Back". He is talking about how his dog is stupid and barks a lot. My dog barks a lot too but only becasue he knows that he needs to protect me.


*You want Dave from Yet Another Comics Blog to spend his money. If ten valued souls send $25 to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Dave will donate a matching $250 by himself. Dave's right, it's just like an NPR pledge drive. Can I be Garrison Keillor? I once walked into this comic shop, a really heavy gaming place with all of these kids gaming away in the back, and they were blasting "A Prairie Home Companion" over the speakers. It was so cool I couldn't speak. But yes, this is a good idea (the donations) and you should check it out.

*Johanna is giving away a copy of Top Shelf's "Owly". Your task is to secure an image of a cute owl and transmit it to Johanna by Christmas Eve. I keep running into copies of "Owly" around various shops, and it looks sweet. You can now win it. Go forth.

*I think this catches me all up, except for all of the things I said I'm going to do back in September or something which I'll get to eventually. I know I'm still missing...

*Oh right.

"Identity Crisis" #7.