*Nothing like having the dragons of the sky descend upon the town and blow out the power all of last night. Looks like sunny days for a while now, though the wind's still whipping out there. I didn't have too much to blog last night anyway; although I think this is interesting:

*You know from reading my "Drawn and Quarterly Vol. 3" comments that I'm crazy about them there early "Gasoline Alley" strips. Which is why the Comics Journal message board has brought the good word from D&Q's own Peggy Burns, regarding D&Q's long-planned series of collected "Gasoline Alley" books:

"The first volume is done and is on our Spring 05 list. Well worth the wait!"

I'm sure it will be! Is Chris Ware still designing this (like Fantagraphics' "Krazy Kat" series)?