Tasty Link Day

*Here's your link for today - a fairly extensive, fairly prodding 1981 interview with Richard Corben, from the pages of Heavy Metal #51 (Vol. V No. 3, June, 1981) through #53 (Vol. V No. 5, August, 1981), conducted by Brad Balfour. Some interesting, revealing information, but it's more memorable for the unmistakable sense of awkwardness that pervades everything - Corben comes off as pretty uncomfortable for the whole thing. Be sure to look to the very end, for an unhappy letter from Corben that ran in issue #54 (Vol. V No. 6, September 1981), concerning the chat (and make sure you click on the 'Forward to the Second Half of the Interview' button at the end of the first half of parts 1 and 2 for the second halves of those parts - it's kinda tricky).

I should also link to the full frames version of this site, The Most Complete Comicography of Richard Corben, since it really is the most complete background resource for this artist I've ever come across...

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