Some good sleeping last night.

*Such an early start for me. I like being on time.


Golgo 13 Vol. 6 (of 13): One Minute Past Midnight

All Star Superman #6

I got an extra day stuffed into the other week's reviews, thanks to the late shipping, so that was it for last week's, save for an anime review of Nerima Daikon Brothers Vol. 1 (of 3).

*Christ, I’m having a hard time recalling a less interesting Wednesday in new comics since I started running this site. Not to rag on the books that are coming out, but virtually everything I’m interested in is a middle issue in some ongoing pamphlet-format storyline I happen to be reading, and those never seem to perk up my attention as much. And there isn’t even a lot of that. Well, let’s keep this short…


Aline & the Others: I believe this is an entry in Drawn & Quarterly’s Petit Livres series of inexpensive lil’ art books; it’s by Guy Delisle of those assorted travelogue books D&Q has been putting out (Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea, Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China), and it focuses on letters of the alphabet. Probably an interesting chance to appreciate Delisle, an animation veteran, on the level of pure visuals.

Yoshitaka Amano's HERO Gallery: So, you really love that Yoshitaka Amano feller, but you just don’t want to plow through some prose story expounding on the doings of heroic archetypes; what’s a person to do? Well, Boom!’s got this 24-page, $3.99 item out this week, labeled as a ‘supplement’ to Yoshitaka Amano's HERO Vol. 1, and it’s apparently nothing but those pretty full-page illustrations that Amano does so well. SO THERE.

Thunderbolts #110: I find it remarkably easy to forget, but this is the first issue of the Warren Ellis/Mike Deodato relaunch of the title, all post-Civil War and everything (leaving aside the fact that Civil War isn’t actually over). A team of big villains like Venom and Bullseye and Norman Osborne go around doing something post-Civil Warish, probably involving being tough and rough with superheroes. Here’s a talktastic preview. I’m actually still not sure if I’m going to buy this. Maybe it’ll be less dull than newuniversal has been so far? A little?

Blade #5: In other Civil War news, this title finally gets involved for a one-off Casualties of War teaming with Wolverine, whose own crossover tie-in was also scripted by writer Marc Guggenheim. Can the combined might of Wolverine, Civil War, and a variant cover goose sales a teeny bit? Keep watching, True Believers...

Phonogram #4 (of 6): I actually thought for a while I’d missed an issue of this Keiron Gillen/Jamie McKelvie miniseries, but here it is now.

Gødland #15: Also from Image: this. I told you I was going to keep it quick.

Punisher MAX #43: Frank vs. the wives of the men he's killed, part one of six. No, no wait - seven, according to Marvel's solicitation. Goddamn, they're mixing it all up now! Sure to be in only the best taste, and featuring Lan Medina of District X and Fables on pencils.

52 #36 (of 52): So, I think one of these issues this month is supposed to reveal who Supernova is. Maybe this one? Maybe the back-ups will return? Maybe we'll get some follow-up to last issue's 'well, all my superhumans fell down and died, back to the office' twist? I bet this whole issue will be devoted to how Hawkgirl got shrunk back down to normal-size. You heard me, Jason.