Lots got done today, really.

*Other Sites' Public Service Dept: In one of the more amusing threads on dear old Comics Journal Message Board, everyone excitedly follows the recent No Man's Land knockoff storyline in Funky Winkerbean, with each and every new strip lovingly posted as they arrive; at one point, they're helpfully assembled into a single narrative cluster, which actually sort of improves the flow, I have to admit. Keep reaching for that Doonesbury brand of controversy, Funky!

*Heidi is totally camping out in a new spot. Go see her.

*Hmmmm. Lots of Spanish editions of popular collections coming out tomorrow. I don’t know why, but there’s a ton of Peter Bagge, Dan Clowes, and Frank Miller releases appearing en Espanol. Surely a weird twist to


Hipira: The Little Vampire: Dark Horse’s site says it ain’t coming for another week, but god damn it does Diamond’s list want to wish it into being right bloody now (by which I mean tomorrow). I don’t actually know about the blood level in this project, a 48-page storybook for children from 2002, written by Katsuhiro Otomo (of Akira and Steamboy) with faux animation production art illustration by Shinji Kimura (aptly enough, a background artist on Akira and the art director of Steamboy). Could be worth a look, could be an overpriced vanity wank. The smart money will be on ‘pretty,’ at least. Has Otomo actually produced any manga since 1996, by the way? That’s the latest date I could find for any new comics material by him, a collection of short stories. I’d love to see some of those show up on these shores, although I’m sure the licensing fees are off the charts.

The Rabbi’s Cat: In which Pantheon tries to do for Joann Sfar (and do be sure to check out the superb English Version of his site) what they did for fellow L’Association powerhouses David B. and Marjane Satrapi. Early word has it that the book’s attractive but mighty slight; if the urge seizes you, I bet your local Borders has a bunch of copies right now to peruse.

Gødland #2: Not a bad first issue there for Joe Casey and Tom Scioli’s old-style hitting extravaganza. Maybe this new one will be just as good. It’s a lot better than the naked homage it might initially appear to be, you know, if not necessarily deeper.

Seven Soldiers - Klarion #3 (of 4): Ah, getting back to it. Only one week behind schedule now, though I’m not seeing Shining Knight on next week’s list yet. Must be punctual, mustn’t be late…

Top Ten: Beyond the Farthest Precinct #1 (of 5): What?! NOT by Alan Moore?! Buh! Well good day, sir!

Terra Obscura Vol. 2: Except… this wasn’t entirely by Moore either and it was perfectly fine. Not excellent, nor innovative, and definitely far from the usual kick of ‘pure’ Moore, but it did all right for itself, spinning the old superhero archetypes one more time, to examine the World’s Finest champions. I for one thought the notion of a puritanical, backward-fixated Batman literally stealing the bodies of his sidekicks was kind of cute. Granted, Moore isn’t even credited on the new Top Ten book with the decidedly loose-sounding ‘plot’ nod he receives here, but he does allegedly retain script approval. I dunno, it might turn out fine.