In which a link to things I wrote elsewhere stands in substitute.

*Boy. This week’s column. This one went through three distinct forms before I managed to whip it into shape. Form 1 has been tossing itself around in my head for a while now, but I finally decided that it was way too snotty and whining for me to bother with; its residue can be spotted in Part IV of the finished column. Form 2 was a lovely idea that turned out to be completely unworkable when I actually tried to execute it. I just couldn’t do it. It became the framing sequence of the finished work, and I think it possibly works a little better than what I’d planned for the original, but it’s a lot less direct and the closing line now works on a purely conceptual level only. My desk is irreversibly maimed from my skull cracking down upon it over and over. Truly nothing in the world is finer than getting all excited about an idea, then directly erasing most of your work after that nasty ‘actual writing’ phase of the writing drags on. But still, I think I got it right in the end, with Form 3. See what you all think.

*Have to leave. Stewing things for the weekend; there’ll be stuff.