Morning again already...

*Flex with these muscular REVIEWS FROM THE WEEK GONE BY:

Shouldn’t You Be Working? #2, Drawn and Quarterly Vol.2 #1 (of 6), Vox by Leland Purvis

Lore #4, Joe R. Lansdale’s By Bizarre Hands #4 (of 6), Metal Hurlant #13

Popbot #4-6, Adam Strange #1 (of 8)


*You've been waiting for this one. Come on, you have!

Ted Rall's review of Art Spiegelman's "In the Shadow of No Towers".

What did you think of the comics, Ted?

"They suck so hard that it's nearly impossible to quantify their suckiness; they suck worse than most of the sucky sample comics aspiring teenagers send to professional cartoonists by email. They suck worse than most daily comic strips, which is saying something, and they suck worse than almost anything printed in an alternative paper. They are drawn like shit—and coming from me, that's saying something—and the jokes are impossibly stupid."

And much more at the link above.

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