Somehow, a third podcast in as many months.

Interested in setting up "a pilot project" for a series of audio critical roundtables, Robin McConnell put together a new podcast from the classic three-part lineup formula of an active young cartoonist, a manager at a popular comics retailer and some jerkoff internet pseud. The results ran to a brisk 158 minutes, including music selections -- I'm responsible for the Leonard Cohen/Phil Spector cut -- though Twitter tells me it took only four minutes before the first is-Tucker-playing-Tim-Hodler-in-this-morning's-performance? joke dropped. Just wait until Robin gets this shit beamed into movie theaters. FATHOM EVENTS.

This one isn't a "best of" show - it's more an update of noteworthy comics, not all of which we necessarily liked, which made for some interesting discussion. I'm very glad to have been given this opportunity, and for having only prompted Robin to voice his discomfort with the conversation's trajectory once, which I think is a terrific record.