Last weekend I settled into Tucker Stone's beautiful home with Matt Seneca to record a freewheeling conversation about whatever came to our minds or fell into our hands.


1. I can't pronounce anything.

2. Talbot/Busiek situation.

3. Sadly, I did not notice that an S.F. Supplementary File #2A was also available at the CCC table; #2B was only in the box, as far as I know. The concluding #2C is due in January.

4. I'm afraid I misrepresented Eddie Campbell's remarks on panels. Here is the pertinent quote, from his interview with Dirk Deppey from The Comics Journal #273:

"Like for instance, I once did a talk on 10 points, 10 principles toward a rhetoric of the comic-strip vocabulary. I told Scott McCloud of it. He wanted to start arguing with me about some of my points. [Deppey laughs.] He wanted to disagree with me right there on the spot, in the middle of the street as it happens. I love him. One of my points was: The entire drama of a situation must be contained in each and every panel within the sequence depicting it. The example that I gave was the final chase scene in Krigstein’s “Master Race.” I brought slides, or at least a reprint of the story, and they quickly made transparencies. There are 13 slim panels, in which both the protagonist and antagonist appear in each and every panel, and their relationship is clear in each of those images: One is chasing, one is being chased. No cutaway shots, no intercut shots of details, the entire drama of a chaser and a chased is present in each and every panel."

5. I swear to god we're not baked.

6. Mould Map #1 was not a newspaper, it was a 12" x 16" two-color magazine on matte-like paper.

7. Hellberta cover/images. (Note Alarmed Annie in the upper right corner).

8. Lisa Hanawalt's hybrid pieces are at The Hairpin.

9. That Michael Thibodeaux comic with the Jack Kirby cover was Last of the Viking Heroes #1 from Genesis West Comics.

10. The '78 initial edition of Chaykin's The Stars My Destination was actually published by Baronet Publishing Company, not Heavy Metal, although Heavy Metal magazine excerpted it in the March and Nov. '79 issues (Vol. 2 No. 11 and Vol. 3 No. 7).

11. A dude's body coming apart due to voodoo. Drawn by Chic Stone, originally published in Tales of Voodoo Jan. 1970 (Vol. 3 No, 1).

12. Matt is correct, the Angus McKie serial in Heavy Metal was titled So Beautiful and So Dangerous; serialized from Oct. '78 through June '79, excluding the May '79 issue. It was subsequently compiled into a '79 Simon & Schuster paperback, and later reprinted in full in the magazine's 1996 One Step Beyond special.

13. Upon reflection, that Superhero panel looks more like Alex Ross's variant cover to a Ben Marra comic. Also, the Dark Horse comic he did was titled The Blue Lily. Also, the Tekno comic I was thinking of was Teknophage.

14. Also, the next time I do some fucking audio thing I'm gonna prep like I'm arguing before the Supreme Court of the United States.

15. Jim Lee drew the Image X month swap issue of The Savage Dragon (#13).

16. Those really really fucking gory action comics where they all look like little manga-ish kids.

17. There are two separate anecdotes about me upsetting my mother. I don't know what that means.