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(Note that while Diamond's site is sort of up now, kinda, their new release list apparently isn't, so I'm going by Midtown Comics' list, which is generally near-complete, although it really only guarantees that the items in question will show up at Midtown Comics, which, close as it gets, does not equate to every Diamond-serviced shop, not that all of them will even be open and/or receive their books tomorrow, what with the east coast of the United States getting shit on by a beatific polar ass aimed terrestrially. I didn't break anything driving home.)

Barron Storey: The Marat/Sade Journals: Robot 6 says Drawn and Quarterly is supposed to have their new edition of Dylan Horrocks' Hicksville out this week, while Dark Horse should manage their snazzy printing of Rafael Grampá's Mesmo Delivery. The former is quite possibly the least-actually-read of the acknowledged 'literary' comics landmarks of the past 15 years, while the latter is a fairly recent art showcase action-horror thingy enjoying a larger post-buzz print run. Neither are on Midtown's list for the week, nor is Little Nothings Vol. 3: Uneasy Happiness, NBM's promised third volume of Lewis Trondheim's autobiographical webcomic series, so... I dunno, keep your eyes open?

As such, the 'available again' crown for the week of 2/10 in comic book stores can therefore only go to this elusive 1993 Tundra Press commission, a selection of journal images from the influential illustrator Barron Storey, related by citation to Peter Weiss' 1963 play and consumed with the theme of broke-down love. Publisher Graphic Novel Art promises a deluxe presentation more in line with Storey's actual journals, plus a David Mack introduction, a bonus Dave McKean drawing, and a new afterword by Storey. It's a 136-page color hardcover, priced at $39.00.

King - A Comics Biography: The Special Edition: In which Fantagraphics again collects Ho Che Anderson's 1993-2002 chronicle of Martin Luther King, Jr. (last published in '05), this time with over 70 pages of supplements, ranging from an essay to notes to preliminary art to a shorter comics story. Big preview here.

Newave: Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s: Because the Golden Age of Reprints assures that no comic shall be left behind, we're now into compiling minicomics from the alternative comics era. An eye-watering 892 pages of them, at a winsomely appropriate 5" x 6.25" size. And while you'll certainly find Gary Panter, Dan Clowes, Peter Bagge, Mary Fleener, Rick Geary, Fred Hembeck, Mack White, J.R. Williams, Hilary Barta, Sam Henderson and other recognizable names tucked away in there, the real fun will likely be in editor Michael Dowers' selection -- honed in on life signs of the older 'underground' period -- of now-obscure period talents with access to pens, paper and photocopying, with a few pertinent interviews thrown in as well. Full table of contents here, historical introduction here, samples here, Tom Spurgeon review here. A Fantagraphics hardcover, only $24.99.

Hellblazer: Pandemonium: Being the gala return of originating series writer Jamie Delano to a longform John Constantine story, in the form of a 128-page hardcover original seeing Our Man off to Iraq, presumably for a taste of the no quarter relevancy horror upon which this house was built. Art by Jock; the price is $24.99. Vertigo also has vol. 2 of its hardcover reissue of Preacher this week -- collecting issues #13-26 -- while Vertigo's own Grant Morrison enjoys the actually-not-from-Vertigo-at-all vol. 2 softcover release of All Star Superman.

Choker #1 (of 6): A new sci-fi noir series from Image, written by Ben McCool with art by the always-welcome Ben Templesmith. Sneak peek.

Phonogram 2: The Singles Club #7 (of 7): Ending Kieron Gillen's & Jamie McKelvie's music-as-magic project overall, for the immediate future. One last look.

The Muppet Show Comic Book Vol. 2 #2: Langridge, ongoing.

Daytripper #3 (of 10): Moon, Bá, continuing.

Starstruck #6 (of 13): Lee, Kaluta, revised.

PunisherMax #4: Aaron, Dillon, shootings, preview.

B.P.R.D.: King of Fear #2 (of 5): Mignola, Arcudi, Davis, preview.

Batman and Robin #8: Morrison, Stewart, Lazarus, preview.

Groo: The Hogs of Horder #3 (of 4): Evanier, Aragonés, financial crises, preview.

World War 3 Illustrated #40: Bipartisanship.