As is often in case in waning 2009, this post is mainly a link to content, although I also added sword violence.

*I'm back from the Brooklyn comics 'n graphics thingy, a very well-attended event that I can't cover in much detail right now. I think '60s Golgo 13 is upset.

He won't have to wait forever though, and right now you can enjoy a special edition of Comics of the Weak featuring me and Tucker Stone, my very generous host for the weekend, recorded in the Factual Opinion's offices, New York NY. So many comics covered in such a short time!

(This is really what I sound like when I can't look things up and spend two and a half hours rewriting one paragraph.)

We also managed to hit the Manhattan location of Kinokuniya, which is always a lot of fun. Hey, you know what happened in last month's Blade of the Immortal?

That happened.