Remember Remember the Toll of November

*At least a got a few posts out over the holiday.


Fight or Run (new Kevin Huizenga; a worthwhile take on the video game comic)

The Manga Guide to Statistics (the men who teach 'em, the girls who love 'em)

and a bunch of tossed comments on Batman #681, in which Batman totally didn't die; c'mon, they said so on page one

*This is always hard for me to remember, but Thanksgiving last week means that comics don't reach US stores this week until Thursday. Mind you that.


Boy's Club #2: The new collection of funny comics by Matt Furie, in which young monsters lounge around and play pranks and transform in hideously precise ways. Feels good man. From Buenaventura Press; $4.95.

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #1 (of 8): Wow, it's the biggest Hellboy storyline ever! Just imagine all the pillowy new layers of myth creator/writer Mike Mignola can lay down atop the mattress stack in 180 or something big pages! Art by Duncan Fegredo; more here.

Shirtlifter #3: Being the new edition of a formerly one-man anthology from artist Steve MacIsaac, which now has some guest artists doing short stories. I'll have a review up later, but the meat of it's a new serial, an all-male romance comic about the trickiness of sexual identity (and the interpersonal relationships based thereupon) that I found to be more perceptive than average, and possibly more nuanced than it seems to be on first blush. Lots of sex in this one. Preview here.

Glacial Period: Gee, I sure with I had a subway that could take me to a Eurocomics presentation featuring Nicolas De Crécy and a whole heap of his art. Then again, I'd be the nerd who'd inquire as to the status of his anime project with Studio 4°C (Le manchot mélomane), prompting David B. to leap over the podium and lock me into a bone-crunching DDT, for the good of the evening's tone. Anyhow, here's a new printing of De Crécy's one-off sci-fi/fantasy album, presenting a witty far future vision of the Louvre in which artworks have come to life to chat with a talking dog engineered to literally sniff out historical continuity, while various and sundry human explorers offer their own satirically prejudiced takes on the development of 'fine' art. I liked it a lot. From NBM; 80 color pages for $14.95. More here.

Creepy Archives Vol. 2: Your deluxe hardcover reprint jamboree of the week, priced at $49.95 and scooping up another 288 b&w pages of mid-'60s magazine horror from editor Archie Goodwin and artists like Al Williamson, Alex Toth, John Severin, Reed Crandall, Gray Morrow, Joe Orlando, Angelo Torres, Gene Colan and Frank Frazetta. Maybe Steve Ditko too, if this goes up to issue #9 of the original run, which I suspect it does from the page count. Morrow here.

Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson Vol. 2 (of 3): Your thick softcover superhero reprint chunk of the week, priced at $29.99 and collecting Daredevil #173-184, in case you haven't read them.

Mushishi Vol. 6 (of 10): Your obligatory ongoing manga series, featuring low-key hauntings and natural odd phenomena. Note that this is the last volume to contain content adapted to the television anime show, and that's just the first story.

Gødland Vol. 4: Amplified Now: It appears to be Joe Casey week at Image, since we're also due Charlatan Ball #5 (with Andy Suriano) and (the latest iteration of) Youngblood #6 (with Derec Donovan).

The Boys #25: Triple-sized commemorative gala featuring an all-new creative team and the return of... naw, it's just part three of the current storyline. What the hell kinda superhero book is this? Just look.

Criminal Vol. 2 #7: Meanwhile, this story rolls to a close, and the series goes on hiatus once again. Enjoy it while it's here. Next month sees creators Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips fill the slot with Incognito, which is also a crime comic, but... y'know, with supervillains. Nice covers.

The Punisher MAX X-Mas Special #1: For a while today there was a glitch on Marvel's homepage so that this looked like the only comic they were releasing this week - I'd be pretty ok with that! Then I noticed they just had it set for release on Wednesday instead of Thursday, because the people cannot wait. Shoot your way toward the yuletide bells with the former Ghost Rider team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Roland Boschi, as you can see. Hey, some other character is getting a holiday comic too, Moon Knight: Silent Knight #1, and Peter Milligan is writing it! How's about it?

Army@Love: The Art of War #5 (of 6): Veitch.

Crossed #2 (of 9): Gore. Not in the Richard Corben's pen name sense -- it's Garth Ennis' & Jacen Burrows' quasi-zombie comic from Avatar -- but in that there's gross violence. Hopelessness too, I bet. Another $3.99 will net you the official Crossed Sketchbook, so you can see just how a young child is taken apart.

Batman #682: HAW HAW HAW - thought you could escape for the rest of 2008? Batman is Always Prepared, so these waning days of the year will provide writer Grant Morrison's final two issues of (this portion of?) his run on the title, a summary of Bat-history from top to bottom. I'm expecting a coda, which could well manage a teensy bit more resonance than a certain comic that was released last week. Art by Lee Garbett & Trevor Scott.

Secret Invasion #8 (of 8): Meanwhile, a bigger Event draws to a close. I can already taste Abhay Khosla's essay. I wonder if Abhay feels any performance anxiety about these things, like I do when I have to touch other people's hands at Sunday Mass?

Marvels: Eye of the Camera #1 (of 6): Oh. This is, um, the sequel to Marvels. I... didn't know this existed until right now? You know... it's the sequel to Marvels, it looks like. Hmmm - writer Kurt Busiek returns, with Jay Anacleto & Brian Haberlin in place of Alex Ross; looks like the latter artist is coloring from the former's pencils, for that extra-rich style you've come to... there's a sequel to Marvels??