Linkz, while I work on reviewz...

*I put half of this in yesterday's comments section, but it'll do better up here for OMG NEW RELEASE WEDNESDAY - Alan Moore explains it all concerning the new LoEG book's delays and the troubles of Wildstorm, then gets into the philosophy and future of the League. Several laffs included.

*Apparently, Pantheon is going to publish an original graphic novel by David Mazzucchelli in the Fall of 2008. It's titled Asterios Polyp, and it's about what happens in the life of an academic author and unproductive architect after he's struck by lightning. That's some good news for me.

And it's only one of five new books the upscale publisher has planned for this time next year. I suspect I'll like the Chip Kidd-edited Bat-Manga: The Secret History of Batman in Japan, which will present some long-forgotten '60s Batman manga from the pages of Shōnen King, with a new essay by writer/artist Kiro Kuawata. And I'm glad to see that I Live Here travel journal project is finally coming out, new comics by Joe Sacco and Phoebe Gloeckner(!) included.

Also due: that long-coming expanded collection of Art Spiegelman’s Breakdowns, and David Heatley's My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down, which was initially slated for a different publisher. All of America's bourgeois will be taking note of these comics while sipping martinis spiked with the tears of children, so be sure to stay on top of things!