I didn't have time to look at the internet yesterday and that's a SIN SIN SIN

*Very fast.


Betsy and Me (see below)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier


All Star Superman #9, Wolverine #59

My Inner Bimbo #2 (of 5)

All at The Savage Critics!

*Very quick.


Betsy and Me: A Fantagraphics collection of Jack Cole's 1958 newspaper strip. Review here.

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 3 (of 4): Aw, you don't need money. This one takes us up to issue #10 for The New Gods, The Forever People and Mister Miracle, while presenting #146-148 of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. As always, a $49.99 fee is exacted.

Perla La Loca and Beyond Palomar: The third volumes of Fantagraphics' new softcover Love and Rockets collections. The Jaime book (Perla) takes us right up to the end of the Locas hardcover, but be on notice that the Gilbert book (Palomar) actually compiles his two 'big' storylines of the day that were not included in the Palomar hardcover, Poison River and Love and Rockets X. Just so ya know.

New Tales of Old Palomar #3: Also out from Beto and Fantagraphics this week, featuring two stories - I got this at SPX weeks ago, and had totally forgotten that it hadn't been officially released. Oddly, there don't seem to be two other Ignatz books to accompany it.

Reptilia: Being IDW's virgin foray into manga, a done-in-one, 320-page, $14.99 presentation of a 1966 Kazuo Umezu horror serial. Look for the Ashley Wood cover. Preview here. Apropos of nothing, the other day I saw PictureBox's release of New Engineering sitting in the manga section of Borders, right by Naruto... where it belongs!!

Grendel: Behold the Devil #1 (of 8): I can't say I've ever been all that dipped into Grendel as a comics saga, but I'm sure creator/writer/artist Matt Wagner's return to the Hunter Rose incarnation of the character with this miniseries will catch a few eyes. Preview here.

The Goon: Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker: Likewise, I can't say I've kept up interest in Eric Powell's brainchild, but here's the first original graphic novel to come from the concept, a 128-page hardcover for $19.95, concerning the title character's backstory. Looks like this.

Gødland #20: Hmm, I was wondering where this went. Image also has Madman Vol. 2 ready to go in softcover, collecting #1-11 of the old Dark Horse series, and Flink, a new Doug TenNapel graphic novel.

Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #3 (of 6): Buying.

Groo: Hell on Earth #2 (of 4): Gee, Dark Horse is busy this week.

The Programme #5 (of 12): Buying, possibly regretting.

Army@Love #9: Veitching.

Blade of the Immortal #131: An era ends this week, as Dark Horse pulls the plug on perhaps the final 'major' manga series to be serialized in the pamphlet format prior to collection. But don't fret, Hiroaki Samura fans - you can still be friends on the bookshelf.