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Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Years Vols. 1-2 (another one from the pages of The Comics Journal)

MW (new Osamu Tezuka release; yes Dick, I would call it a lesser work, but there's pleasures nonetheless)

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*It's all the latest books -


Palestine: The Special Edition: A new, 8" x 11" Fantagraphics hardcover edition of Joe Sacco's first longform work of comics reportage, a 288-page delving through the nation of the title. A thick stack of notes, sketches, reference photos, plus a new interview with the artist brings the total length up to 320 pages. For $29.95, it's surely going to be the most handsome way into this material.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier: Friendly reminder to my international readers - as of now, this new Alan Moore/Kevin O'Neill book, the final twitch of the Wildstorm-owned ABC line, is only being released to the United States. You'll just have to rely on friends swallowing copies wrapped in condoms, then entering your nation inconspicuously. And let me tell you, if they didn't have enough trouble getting it down, this 208-page, $29.99 hardcover will prove even worse coming out. The story concerns Mina Murray's and Allan Quatermain's adventures in 1950s England, as they research Leagues throughout history and evade sinister forces. Featuring charts, maps, 3D glasses and a bonus smut comic; a friend of mine with ready access to a copy tells me that comics and prose are thoroughly mixed throughout, as if the text bits in the back of the last two volumes have now invaded the story proper. The themes at play are also apparently of a piece with Promethea and Lost Girls. This will sell copies.

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together (Volume 4 of 6): And speaking of sure-to-be popular releases of this week, here's the 216-page latest from Bryan Lee O'Malley. This doesn't need an introduction, right? Scroll down for an 11-page preview here, and read a nice interview with O'Malley here. From Oni.

My Inner Bimbo #2 (of 5): And also from Oni... god, I do recall enjoying the first issue of this b&w Sam Kieth/Josh Hagler series (a sibling book to Kieth's Ojo), back when it first came out. One year and five months ago. Lots of anxious autobiographical touches in this story of an aging man's repressed feminine side springing to life; god knows it's a quintessential Sam Kieth premise.

Mark Millar's The Unfunnies #3 & #4 (of 4): Speaking of late, this week sees the entire second half of writer Millar's and artist Anthony Williams' Avatar miniseries -- new material last seen in March of 2004 -- plopping down onto the market at once. The first two issues bored me out of my skull, but I thought I'd make note of the damn thing actually finishing.

Meat Cake #16: I buy every new issue of Dame Darcy's long-running Fantagraphics series, and you should too. I have no clue what's in this issue. I bet it's great.

All Star Superman #9: God, they're all filing in this week. We're now into the final third of Grant Morrison's and Frank Quitely's run on this thing, and DC has apparently decided to stop giving out any plot details via solicitation. So, this issue: somebody hits Superman and he is hurt! Also be on the lookout for the JLA: Ultramarine Corps trade, which (finally) collects Morrison's standalone Seven Soldiers overture from the first three issues of JLA Classified, and tosses in his 1997 JLA/WildC.A.T.s one-off, for no readily discernible reason.

Wolverine #59: The other ongoing superhero book I'm getting this week. Hey, something about the Marc Guggenheim/Howard Chaykin team keeps me coming back.

Ultimates Saga #1: This is some $3.99 Ultimate Universe recap thing that's solely notable for the presence of the elusive Travis Charest on a four-page sequence; that alone will get some fingers flipping come Wednesday. Here's half the stuff, in uncolored form.

The Black Diamond #5 (of 6): Miniseries buying.

BPRD: Killing Ground #4 (of 5): Buying miniseries.

World War Hulk #5 (of 5): This was fun, but I'd kind of forgotten it hadn't ended. Now it has.

The Punisher MAX #52: Travels to facilitate further shootings.

Appleseed Vol. 1 (of 4, as it is): The Promethean Challenge: This is Dark Horse's right-to-left, digest-format redo of Masamune Shirow's unfinished sci-fi 'manufactured society' magnum opus, which he began in 1985. Anime has resulted. I kind of like Shirow's art from this period, just beyond the sloppiness of Black Magic, but not so obsessed with technical detail that it lacks warmth. Unfortunately, the smaller print size probably isn't going to do it any favors.

Remembrance of Things Past Part 3: Love of Swann, Vol. 1: Alright, I've made enough jokes about Stephane Heuet's comics adaptation of Proust that I might as well point you toward this brand-new 48-page volume from NBM, sporting a title so tortured the book may count as an honorary Countdown (to Final Crisis) tie-in. It looks like this.