October Dawns

*But my eyelids were heavy for days.


Batman #669


Column #10 (the story of Starstruck, from Elaine Lee and Michael Wm. Kaluta)

short reviews (an Annual special with The Punisher MAX Annual #1, The Immortal Iron Fist #9 and The Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1)

At The Savage Critics, which had a lot more going on at it.

*It's kind of big out there...


Comic Art Magazine #9: Every issue of this upscale, lavishly-designed publication (from Buenaventura Press since issue #8) is a treat, packed full of dazzling visuals and uncompromisingly erudite, sophisticated writing on a wide range of comics topics. You will know many new things after you're done. Here's this issue's contents, with previews at every link. It's 176 pages, plus an 80-page bonus Cartooning booklet by Ivan Brunetti. Absolutely worth the $19.95 cover price.

Injury Comics #1: Also from Buenaventura, this debut issue of comedy and fantasy and truth from Ted May and company is finally out through Diamond. My review.

MOME 9: Fall 2007: The Fantagraphics anthology continues. My review.

Omega: The Unknown #1 (of 10): Finally, the long-awaited Marvel series from writer Jonathan Lethem (with Karl Rusnak) begins, featuring art from Farel Dalrymple and colors by Paul Hornschemeier. Preview here. Easily the most interesting new superhero thing I can find this week. In other Steve Gerber-related news, we've also got a new Howard the Duck #1 (of 4) out from Ty Templeton & Juan Bobillo. He now looks like this.

I Killed Adolf Hitler: The latest Fantagraphics release from Jason, this time a full-color, 48-page romp through the ages, concerning a hired gun who zips back to 1939 to take out the title villain, only to see der Führer whisk himself away to the present, leaving Our Hero to grow older in the 20th century, until the day they meet again. Contains action! I can't say many of Jason's recent works have reached beyond pithy amusement via masterful craft, but this one may have some extra potential. According to Fantagraphics' Kim Thompson, an omnibus collection of Jason's early, human character(!) comics is forthcoming, plus one of those cherry NY Times Sunday Magazine serials.

Reflections #3 (of 3): Worth highlighting as the first of the Fantagraphics/Coconino Press Ignatz projects to reach its conclusion. I've not actually read this Marco Corona series, but it does sound neat, and looks very swell. The mega-pamphlets always travel in threes, so we also get Niger #2 from Leila Marzocchi (it looks nice; see also Dick Hyacinth on issue #1), and Grotesque #1 from Sergio Ponchione (wacky pictures ahoy).

Sock Monkey: The "Inches" Incident: Oh, I liked this newest Dark Horse installment of Tony Millionaire's all-ages series. It's a little chunkier and more cartoony than Sock Monkey often gets, and somewhat reminiscent in tone to Millionaire's Billy Hazelnuts. At $9.95, it's worth checking out.

Empowered Vol. 2: More of Adam Warren's quasi-softcore superheroine bondage gag satire, which I clearly recall a lot of people liking a lot. From Dark Horse. Preview. For those hungry for manga-from-Japan type manga stuff, Dark Horse also has a collected edition of Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor, featuring a quartet of old-school Section 9 focused GitS stories that writer/artist Masamune Shirow cut from the collected GitS2 after serialization.

Eat the Dead: I had no idea that Virgin Comics was starting up a proper horror line until now, but here's the initial one-shot release, dealing with a bunch of teenagers who encounter their karmic pasts in a haunted temple. Have some pages. Also up and about it Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper #5.

Gumby #3: Hey, a new issue of this is always welcome. I know nothing more about it.

Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus #2 (of 5): Yes, here the Claw is again.

Infinity Inc. #2: The first issue of this Peter Milligan thing wound up prompting some of the most mixed reviews I've seen from a superhero debut in a while. I'm still on to see where it goes.

The Black Diamond #4 (of 6): In which this AiT/Planet Lar series gets splashier than usual. Review coming soon.

Lloyd Kaufman Presents: The Toxic Avenger and Other Tromatic Tales: Man, I remember when Troma used to put out tie-in comics for a bunch of their upcoming productions/recent video acquisitions. And I just ran into a bunch of Marvel's old Toxic Crusaders issues in a bargain bin! Here's the latest chapter of the sequential Troma saga, a 144-page, $18.99 full-color production from Devil's Due, featuring 15 stories adapting, expanding, riffing on, or simply being about various Troma features, like Teenage Catgirls in Heat, Class of Nuke 'em High, and My Neighbor Totoro. Unless the rights to that last one have expired. At least they fit Beware! Children at Play in there. Some nice talents are attached, like Sean McKeever, Ivan Brandon, Andy MacDonald, B. Clay Moore, the late Daniel Robert Epstein, and others. Much more here, including preview images and a full contents list. I've seen every goddamned one of these fucking movies except for DeCampitated. God.