Da short post, since there's stuff at the other site...

*Notes on upcoming books:

- After a truly absurd delay, the infamous Teen Titans Super-Groovy Funtime Elseworlds Whatever will be published under the ass-covering title of Teen Titans: The Lost Annual. Oh... they lost it! Written by the late Bob Haney, with art by Jay Stephens & Mike Allred and a cover by Nick Cardy, it's finally due in January at a scant $4.99.

- This was buried in that New Yorker Festival superhero comics panel, but Grant Morrison has apparently begun writing the long-rumored Seaguy 2: Slaves of Mickey Eye (if it's still called that). The original Seaguy is probably my favorite Morrison work of the 21st century, so I'm pretty excited, although I have to wonder about its tone. The original was practically vibrating with frustration over superhero comics, perhaps attributable to troubles late in Morrison's time with Marvel. It stands as one of the writer's most downbeat superhero works, albeit still a little hopeful for the future. I wonder what that future will now feel like?

- Oh, Mike Ploog is drawing Aragones' & Evanier's The Spirit? That's pretty neat.