Weekend Post Once More

*I have some reviews over in the Savage Land.

*Favorite links of the week? Chris Butcher's photo-laden reports from glorious Nippon, of course! He had the fortune to land right smack in the middle of the latest iteration of Eva Mania, so that last link is full of delightful merchandise. Eva iced coffee! Eva neckties! Official juice in the style of LCL fluid! That's pretty damned creepy! Pizza Hut's Japan branch also a tie-in going! A human-sized Spear of Longinus replica just went for the equivalent of $121,100 at auction! All of this is due to the new Eva movie that opened last weekend, netting about $2.4 million US in its first two days of release, which is supposed to be very good.

*What else? Oh, I also got around to reading Max Cabanes' much-loved 1989 youth reminisce Colin-Maillard , under the US title Heartthrobs; I have the Catalan edition from 1991, later reprinted by NBM. Sadly, nobody has translated the work's 1997 sequel, Maxou contre l’athlète. Actually, I think Heartthrobs might be Cabanes' only US-released book at all. Kind of puts a damper on searching out the guy's other works.

It's a nice book. All about the author's history with sex, focusing mainly on his preteen and early teenage years. I was impressed with how Cabanes invests his figures and scenes with such dewy gloss (the top image here is a good example of the style) that the whole thing comes off as seeming far more visceral than you'd expect from its rather modest particulars. I was struck by the amount of space spent on voyeurism - in that way, though, the work postures itself before the reader as just the same intense-yet-teasing experience as the young male protagonist often has put in front of him. Really takes the 'male gaze' of erotic art right to the source. Plenty of keen detail as to Catholic rearing too. I think it probably hit me on a personal level, to be honest...