Evening preview of new.

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Black Adam: The Dark Age #1 (of 6)

Golgo 13 Vol. 10 (of 13): Wasteland

Yesterday's Tomorrows (Rian Hughes: in comics)


Column #4 (Gilbert Hernandez's public access bonanza, The Naked Cosmos)

short superhero reviews (Batman #667, Blade #12)

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*The new funnies are so close you can taste them. If you're into tasting comics (I am).


Yesterday's Tomorrows: Rian Hughes, collected. Grant Morrison writes a bunch of it. A short review by me is here.

Life After Black - Barron Storey: The Journals #45: This is bound to be worthwhile, since I believe it's the first solo Barron Storey book in over a decade, a color reproduction of a fully-painted personal journal, composed in 1992. Sample images here. Storey is one of the greats, a hugely influential artist that too few are aware of - I don't think this $49 production will catch too many blind buys, but it'll be nice to have it in some stores.

Dogs & Water: Definitive Edition: An expanded, $19.95 Drawn & Quarterly hardcover edition of Anders Nilsen's fine wander through a dark and deadly land, previously released in pamphlet format. Very nice use of white space and colored lines (see it here), and a sense of environmental precision that might surprise those who only know of Nilsen's visually simpler works (but not those who've read Big Questions). Check it out if you don't have it yet.

C'est Bon Anthology Vol. 3: This thing always looks really good, but I never quite get around to picking it up. And this third edition looks just as nice. If you only had $17.95 to spend on something random at the comics store, I bet this would do you.

Good as Lily: This is the Minx book from Derek Kirk Kim and Jesse Hamm, which I know some people have been waiting for. About a teenager who comes face-to-face with versions of herself from all over her life's past and future. And there's a school play.

The Programme #2 (of 12): I liked issue #1 of this Peter Milligan/C.P. Smith Wildstorm series a good deal, and it'll be something to see where it goes.

Army@Love #6: Not a lot of pamphlets I'm interested in this week.

The Brave and the Bold #6: Not a big week in general.

D.P. 7 Classic Vol. 1: Hmmm, you can't say these New Universe reprints are coming out too fast to keep track of. Still, here's the first softcover compilation (issues #1-9) of writer Mark Gruenwald's and penciller Paul Ryan's series about Displaced Paranormals and the adventures they have. Also out this week is the first collected edition of Warren Ellis' and Salvador Larroca's newuniversal altenate (New) universe revival series, which is currently on hiatus.