When I was in college, I got all my shit off of space aliens. Those fuckers knew how to burn.

*Reader! Have you ever sat up and thought to yourself:

Boy, all I ever do is sulk around smoking pot and eating these hotdog/McDonald’s-flavored tortilla chips, occasionally mustering the wherewithal to click on my favorite comics blogs. If only a Kramers Ergot veteran could show me the way out of this hedge maze called the status quo, preferably in animated form.”

I have updated this site a second time in one day just for you, pothead reader. I give ya:

Souther Salazar’s government-approved anti-pot PSAs!

You've no doubt seen the print versions of these things in all your favorite Marvel/DC comics over the last financial quarter or two. Actually, that's probably the most successful bit of cultural subterfuge at work here - getting Souther Salazar into every superhero book on the racks.

No need to thank me, friend. Knowing that I have stopped drugs dead in its (drugs') tracks is reward enough.