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Tank Girl: The Gifting #1 (of 4)

Golgo 13 Vol. 9 (of 13): Headhunter

Sammy the Mouse #1

*Lots of reprints, an interesting mix -


Sammy the Mouse #1: New Ignatz project from Zak Sally. Review here. Also out from Fantagraphics/Coconino in the big ‘n pretty 32-page format - Richard Sala’s Delphine #2, and Gilbert Hernandez’s New Tales of Old Palomar #2.

MOME Vol. 8 (Summer 2007): The latest installment of Fantagraphics’ house anthology, this time introducing one Joe Kimball, in his professional publishing debut, as well as concluding Lewis Trondheim’s At Loose Ends. Review tomorrow, I expect.

Death Note Vol. 12 (of both 12 and 13 - oh, take THAT): So, just to make it clear once again, for my sake as much as yours, there is a Vol. 13 of this series, but it is an Official Handbook-type deal, and I have no idea if it’s coming out in English. More importantly, that means this is the slam-bang grand finale of the Death Note saga, one that I keenly recall pissing off quite a few readers following the Japanese serialization. Learn the final fate of everyone! Bask in the glow of finality! Still only $7.99! Excelsior!

Yotsuba&! Vol. 4: Ah, the much-anticipated return of Kiyohiko Azuma’s sweetly funny all-ages manga, following the daily exploits of a curious five-year old girl. Gentle, never sentimental, and boasting fine comedic instincts, Yotsuba&! is one of those series that easily flits across boundaries to those who didn’t think they’d like Japanese comics. It’s been over a year and a half since Vol. 3, but we’ll only have to wait three and a half months for Vol. 5, if the schedule holds. After that, well - the series only up to Vol. 6 in Japan, and its only serialized monthly, so maybe another break won’t be much of a bother. From ADV Manga.

Cromartie High School Vol. 11: Also from ADV Manga, but the action never stopped on this one, no sir.

The Girl From H.O.P.P.E.R.S.: The Second Volume of “Locas” Stories from Love & Rockets & Human Diastrophism: The Second Volume of “Palomar” Stories from Love & Rockets: As the titles succinctly indicate, these are the individual second volumes of affordable ($14.95 for 270+ pages) reprints from, respectively, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez. The Jaime one has The Death of Speedy and many other tales, and the Gilbert one wraps up the ‘core’ Palomar stories, although note that December’s Vol. 3 will collect Poison River and Love and Rockets X.

Schulz’s Youth: Available in hardcover and softcover editions, from About Comics. A fat 296-page collection of one of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz’s lesser-known works, the religious-themed teen gag feature Young Pillars, which ran from 1956-65. Obviously, fans don’t need to hear anything more from me to check this out.

Grendel Archives: God, there’s a lot of reprints this week. This’ll be one of the more sought-after items for fans of a certain stripe, though, as it collects the absolute earliest appearances of writer/artist Matt Wagner’s enduring character, “rough draft” material that’s remained tucked away in the bins for a very long time. Reprinting pertinent 1982 material from Comico’s Primer #2, and the original three-issue Grendel series from 1983, all in hardcover for $14.95. It does look rough, but I suspect many will be pleased just to have it out there.

Aliens Omnibus Vol. 1: Oh, Dark Horse has smushed the first three colorized, textually revised trade paperbacks from their long-running movie license series together to form a 384-page full-color softcover for only $24.95. It arrives hot on the heels of the recent Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus Vol. 1, and yes fans, worry not - Predator Omnibus Vol. 1 is coming soon. I’m mainly pointing this out because I completely forgot that Sam Kieth had illustrated one of the storylines in here (that would be Aliens: Female War, formerly Aliens: Earth War - the other included tales would be Aliens: Outbreak and Aliens: Nightmare Asylum). Oooh, when are they gonna hit the ones Jim Woodring wrote?

Batman: Ego and Other Tales: KEEP THOSE REPRINTS COMING. This one’s a 200-page, $24.99 hardcover collection of Darwyn Cooke stuff, including his Batman: Ego and Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score graphic novels, plus material from Batman: Gotham Knights (#23, 33) and Solo (#1, 5). Note that this week’s issue of The Spirit (#7), however, does not feature Cooke. Instead, there’s shorts by Kyle Baker, Jimmy Palmiotti & Jordi Bernet, and Walt Simonson & Chris Sprouse/Karl Story.

Phonogram Vol. 1: Rue Brittania: I must confess this Kieron Gillen/Jamie McKelvie series from Image, concerning the magical qualities of music and its relation to the person, didn't attract me all that much upon its serialization. But its consideration of a particular time in popular music (and its imprint on the listener) may well resonate with those of a more Britpop constitution. Here's the trade, for easy access.

The Brave and the Bold #4: Featuring Supergirl and Lobo, in a story that will no doubt have the pundits' eyes.

Army@Love #4: More Veitch.

Garth Ennis’ Chronicles of Wormwood #4 (of 6): The big Tour of Hell issue of Ennis' and Jacen Burrows' relaxed swing through the spirit. From Avatar. In other Ennis news, the slow-starting but somewhat better than expected (in a cheesy action movie sort of way) John Woo's 7 Brothers gets a trade collection, from Virgin. As sometimes happens, a load of Virgin items get dropped at the same time; there's also Devi and Snakewoman trades hitting the shelves. Wait, should I have a proper Virgin entry here?

Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper #3: Damn it! Now I've run out of things to say! Well, this is also from Virgin.

Tales from the Crypt #1: Ha ha, where once it was feared as an awful influence on America's youth, now the venerable title relaunches from the kid-targeted Papercutz imprint of NBM. It's 48 color pages of stuff, featuring a story written by Rob Vollmar of Bluesman. For the more classically-oriented among you, this week also has EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Vol. 2.

Dave Sim Collected Letters Vol. 2: Such beautiful simplicity to this series. For only $22, you too can own a fine collected volume of all of the famed Cerebus creator’s postal issuances from June and July of 2004. God, only June and July?! Sim was famous for his decompressed work, though...