Strange morning, off to work.

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*Beautiful Things I Cannot Afford Dept: I’m not a devoted follower of watches or anything, but the new 2007 show-off timepiece from Cartier, Ballon bleu de Cartier, is notable for an especially interesting bit of promotional accompaniment: a comic book detailing the watch’s creation, featuring art by no less than Jirô Taniguchi (The Walking Man, The Times of Botchan), François Schuiten (Les Cités Obscures), Charles Burns (Black Hole), Lorenzo Mattotti (well-regarded Italian artist - see Chimera, from Fantagraphics’ Ignatz line), Glen Baxter (many an absurd cartoon), Jean-Claude Floc’h (respected ligne claire practitioner), and Moebius (oh, come on).

I have no idea how to find this comic, or even when it’s supposed to be out, but the idea of all these renowned talents joining forces to make a comic about a watch does sort of tickle my fancy in an Outbreaks of Violets sort of way (Outbreaks of Violets was a series of ‘trading’ cards featuring text by Alan Moore and art by a bevy of European greats, which I believe was only ever distributed at a 1995 MTV Europe event). Someone tell me if this stuff gets posted online anywhere.

*Probably more later.