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*World-Class Links Dept: Nothing starts the day off right like cultural crossover at its finest. (found at Brack’s)

*Oh, here’s something: The Collected Sam & Max: Surfin’ the Highway is coming back into print later this year, with added material that postdates the book’s 1995 first edition. Yep, it’s been 12 years since that initial compilation of Steve Purcell’s anarchic funny animal comic was released, and now you won’t have to sell Grandma’s precious stones to own it.

The trick - it’ll only be available via direct order from Telltale Games, the people behind the recently-completed Sam & Max: Season 1 suite of adventure games (featuring writing by Jeff Lester of The Savage Critics!). Telltale’s site is also home of the Eisner-nominated Sam & Max webcomic (which seems to have ended its current storyline), and they’ve also got an official Purcell sketchbook for sale.

Actually, while you’re at Telltale’s site, you might as well check out parts one and two of The History of Sam & Max. Very brisk, but there’s some nice early artwork to peruse, plus a photo of Art Adams exploding a beer.