Yeah, I hope tomorrow I’ll manage to get back to my morning posts, now that things are settling down a little.

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Elvis Road (which I'll link to again down below - happens once a week, it seems)

random lil' comics reviews (starring Gutsville #1, Wisdom #6, and Madman Atomic Comics #2)

The Plain Janes

Plus, a museum exhibition review of Saul Steinberg: Illuminations, in which I spend too much space making jokes about gold and horses.

*Jesus, it feels like the new books are already out.


Percy Gloom: Very well-reviewed debut graphic novel from Cathy Malkasian, an animation veteran best known as episode director on various Klasky Csupo television cartoons and co-director of The Wild Thornberrys Movie. More from me soon. Fantagraphics is the publisher, and this week they also have Our Gang Vol. 2, collecting more of Walt Kelly’s vintage works, and the rather self-explanatory Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get Worse: The Cartoons and Comic Strips of Edward Sorel, compiling the famed illustrator’s strips from all over the place.

Elvis Road: Now out from Diamond. A regular highway to enlightenment from Elvis Studios and Buenaventura Press - I reviewed it here.

Elle-Humour: Also now out from Diamond. A 144-page hardcover art book from Julie Doucet and PictureBox - it’s been available via other means for a few months now, but procrastinating Doucet fans will now have another way of getting their $40’s worth of collage and drawings and much, much more.

Shaolin Cowboy #7: Excellent! It’s always a special week when Geof Darrow’s beyond-the-pale decadent action book graces us with its rare presence. In this issue, according to the Burlyman Entertainment homepage (which does not like specific links), “The Shaolin Cowboy faces a foe almost as powerful as American voter apathy! Can he prevail?” My hazy memories of last issue tell me the Cowboy is stuck in the belly of a walking lizard-city, about to confront the horror bride of the decapitated head that’s been bugging him. Enjoy this lavish one-page preview, and try to savor the book itself. Pretty soon even Frank Miller and Jim Lee will have passed it out.

Tanpenshu Vol. 2 (of 2): Manga you probably won’t be seeing in your local bookstore, which is a damn shame. A toast to Dark Horse for putting Hiroki Endo's short stories onto discerning shelves in English-speaking lands. I think all that's been scanlated out of these 224 pages is the very short, very funny Boys Don't Cry, so get ready for new experiences. Preview allegedly here, although it's down as of right now.

52 Vol. 1 (of 4): Alison Bechdel’s acclaimed memory scrapbook of familial ties and literary substitutions, finally available in softcover! No, no wait - that’s Fun Home, which is also out tomorrow. This is the one about the mice and the Holocaust.

The Punisher Presents: Barracuda MAX #4 (of 5): Yeah, can’t say there’s an awful lot from the front of Previews that’s catching my attention this week. Although you might want to try the Punisher MAX Vol. 3 hardcover, also out this week, if you missed the first Barracuda story from a while back - it’s teamed up with the storyline where Frank destroys sex slavery.

Silent War #5 (of 6): This is a pretty book. Silver Surfer: Requiem #1 (of 4) will also probably be pretty, since Esad Ribic is doing the art (story by JMS). Additional pretty: Hellboy: Darkness Calls #2 (of 6), although that’s published by Dark Horse. Obviously. I feel sharper when I do these things in the morning, you know.

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