It's a sad state.

*Oh, I never get as much done anymore as I hope to.


The Professor’s Daughter

Korgi Book One: Sprouting Wings!

*Yet, it’s also one of those weeks that makes me wonder if a list of releases is really necessary. Oh well, there’s still a few things out.


Korgi Book One: Sprouting Wings!: All-ages fantasy comic about doggies and gnomes or something. Full review here (in case you didn't see it above).

Hellboy: Darkness Calls #1 (of 6): After many months of waiting, many issues of B.P.R.D., and one wholesale replacement of an interior artist, Dark Horse finally begins the first ‘core’ Hellboy miniseries to feature absolutely no art from Mike Mignola beyond the cover. Mignola writes, and Duncan Fegredo draws, quite nicely from the looks of the preview. There’s obviously a lot of channeling of Mignola going on (the colors are winning half that battle alone), but with a lot more background definition than would be possible with Mignola’s starker approach. Strikes me as a more European vision of Hellboy, if that makes any sense. Probably worth reading.

Eden: It’s an Endless World! Vol. 7: Yet another manga series I’ve fallen way, way behind in, although I’m sure it’s a good sign that Dark Horse has even released it all the way up to volume 7, which is a bit under halfway caught up to the Japanese run, where the series is still ongoing. I’ve been looking for when the final two volumes of Satsuma Gishiden are going to be released, and they don’t appear to have been scheduled for any time this year, which I’m sure isn’t a great sign.

Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #3 (of 4): Maybe my sense of time is screwed up, but I was wondering where this new issue of Jeff Smith’s Captain Marvel thing had gotten to. Here it is now, for all your child-eating needs.

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #4 (of 7): Also on schedule, due to the same magic as employed by the above Shazam book - not releasing the series until a huge chunk of the artwork is in (actually, I think Smith’s book was totally done prior to solicitation). Unfortunately, I have to confess the art beyond Jae Lee’s pencils has gotten increasingly irritating with each passing chapter - issue #3 seemed like non-stop rubber faces talking at one another with the occasional striking image of a tree, which is also an adaptation thing, granted. It's not the faces as much as the rubber, although some people I've discussed it with don't see the coloring as any different from most contemporary Marvel/DC coloring. Maybe I'm paying too close attention because it's so different from what Jae Lee would usually use for colors, and sometimes at odds with what I see his strengths to be?

D’Airain Aventure #2: The second installment of Ashley Wood’s personal anthology from IDW. It is nice.

The Punisher MAX #47: A few weeks ago I was standing in a comics shop, and a clerk was talking to a customer, and he was so damn excited about the last issue of this title that he acted out several key parts, complete with dramatic pauses and emphatic vocalization. The customer laughed a whole lot and had a habit of rephrasing aloud exactly what the clerk said, as if to translate it into his own language, even though they were both speaking English. Such is the power of this mighty book, friends.

The Midnighter #7: This series has turned out somewhat better than I’d expected, so it’s worth noting that here’s where it launches into at least three months of one-off fill-ins, although I have no idea at all when Garth Ennis and Chris Sprouse are due back. If at all. Some will be interested in the presence of writer Brian K. Vaughan and penciller Darick Robertson for this particular outing, so here it is.

52 #52 (of 52): Out on 5/2, of course, with 40 pages of story, since 52 would have cost too much. I also think there’s something like six pencillers on this issue, judging from the press release, just to make sure the signature 52 visual style shines through to the very end. Who will live? Who will die? Who will have their plotline resolved? How will the writing team tie this in to Countdown, on sale next week? Will Mr. Mind give a speech in a last-ditch effort to afford the whole thing unified thematic resonance? Say, did you notice the thumbnail collection on the 52 site is caught up to week 50 now? Looks like the photocopier saved the day, judging from the image quality.

World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker: For those who just can’t wait until the summer.