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Misery Loves Comedy (collection of classic Ivan Brunetti, and a telling object on its own)

All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #5

Arf Forum (a third dip into Craig Yoe's web of comics 'n art)

*I think the most surprising thing about DC’s August solicitations is definitely the presence of a completely random two-issue prestige format Batman/Lobo miniseries (Batman/Lobo: Deadly Serious, to be exact), written and drawn by none other than Sam Kieth. It was kind of a good surprise, though!

Less good: apparently Adam Strange, Starfire and Animal Man are now sort of a quasi-team? And they’re going to have their own eight-issue miniseries? Titled Countdown to Adventure?! I mean, I understand the tie-in, of course, but that’s still sort of like titling the series The Adventure Happens Later or Biding Time Till Excitement or Please Wait Until Darkseid Does Something Calamitous in 2008.

*Worthwhile reading: Jacen Burrows’ “commentary track” to Garth Ennis’ Chronicles of Wormwood #3.

*Lord, is Image planning to dump out all the comics I want to buy from them all at once -


Arf Forum: There’s a link to my review of this at the top of the page, but I think I’ll sap the world’s dwindling link resources a bit more.

The Field Guide to Midwest Monsters: I’ve never heard of this book before today. It’s from creators Aaron Blecha & Jason Felix, and is published by ‘A & J Books’ (see what’s going on there?). Still, the title caught my eye, and the preview from the official homepage makes it look like it might be good fun. Only $9.99 will buy you tips ’n tricks for spotting many different monsters, should you ever wake up in the American Midwest for whatever reason, with additional diagrams and bonuses tossed in.

The Homeless Channel: I can probably let the preview for this new AiT/Planet Lar book, the debut of writer/artist Matt Silady, speak for itself, since it presents about one third of the whole book, all things considered.

Welcome to the NHK Vol. 3: Oddly, Diamond’s list identifies this delightfully black-hearted otaku ruin series (writer: Tatsuhiko Takimoto, artist: Kendi Oiwa) as continuing only up to Vol. 5. That would be unfortunate, since there’s only been five chapters per book so far, and there’s a good deal more than 25 chapters - actually, there’s currently a rumor floating around that the forthcoming Chapter 40 is going to be the series finale. Publisher Tokyopop’s website, meanwhile, leaves room for six volumes. As always, manga releases are curious things.

Fell Vol. 1: Feral City: It’s actually a pretty big week for Image in terms of noteworthy releases, the foremost of which for many readers will be this new collection, showcasing the first eight issues of Warren Ellis’ and Ben Templesmith’s moody police detective series. I sort of run warm and cool on Fell - with the copious hype surrounding its serialization format having subsided, Fell stands at the end of issue #8 as a sturdy enough police procedural, reminiscent to me of the sort of thing you might find sitting at the end of a prime time network television weekday. The standalone episodes vary in quality, never dipping so low that you can’t discern what Ellis and Templesmith were shooting at, and occasionally leaping into inspired visual territory thanks to the artist’s signature glow/brood, all of it liberally drizzled with the writer’s favored characterization flavors. Not a bad use of $14.95. Also available in a $24.99 limited edition hardcover, as is the excellent Casanova Vol. 1: Luxuria, although the mass trade of that one isn’t showing on the list. Next week?

Gutsville #1 (of 6): Wouldn’t you like to read a Frazier Irving-illustrated comic book about the descendants of a sunken sea vessel going about their business in a society built literally in the belly of a depth-trawling leviathan? Fucking yes you want to read that. Well toot the horns because here it is, written by 2000 AD veteran Simon Spurrier, and featuring some truly fine art from the looks of the official preview. Looking forward to this.

Elephantmen #9: Also, let’s not forget the continuing Image series we (I) know and purchase.

Gødland #18: For they too are coming out this new comics day.

Madman Atomic Comics #2: Who knows what they'll say?

Wisdom #6 (of 6): The conclusion of this really quite nice Marvel MAX miniseries, tracking the path of the titular mutant operative through a comedic map of Great Britain's cultural psyche. I hope you'll consider the eventual trade, if you haven't been keeping up on the issues. In other random trade news, by the way, there's also a collection out from Vertigo for the Jason Aaron/Cameron Stewart Vietnam miniseries The Other Side.

Dave Stewart’s Walk-In #6 (of 6): Wait a second. Didn’t this miniseries end last issue? I mean, there was even a “The End” caption and everything! All of that is true, and yet we still have this special wrap issue, written by Jeff Parker, who will also be handling the art duties this time around.

Criminal #6: Beginning the new storyline for Ed Brubaker's and Sean Phillips' ongoing crime series. Despite the problems I had with the wrap-up to the series' initial storyline, it was still for the most part keenly observed entertainment, and I have much faith that this second story will be even better.