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review nuggets (featuring Warren Ellis' Wolfskin #2 (of 3), Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #11 (of 12), The Immortal Iron Fist #2, and The Drifting Classroom Vol. 3)


The New Adventures of Jesus: The Second Coming

And the ol' Best of 2006 post which screwed up my timing and is totally why I'm linking to last week's reviews a day late.

*Sort of light on this second late comics day in as many weeks. As always, feel free to add in anything interesting I don't mention...


Hellshock: The Definitive Edition: Well sweet cinnamon-scented mother of fuck, look what’s gone and shown up for the top of 2007. Yep, the long-awaited 144-page Dynamic Forces & Image collection 'n conclusion of writer/artist Jae Lee’s creator-owned Image series from 1997-98, which itself was a radical revision of a typical four-issue Image superhero miniseries from 1994. There’s some archival bonuses in store, but you won’t be seeing any of the 1994 material in here -- Lee himself has deemed it “horrible,” and he’s right -- nor will you be getting much of the extravagant length once promised of the second series, which had at least eight issues planned back in the day. Now it’s just the three extant issues (with Jose Villarrubia's original colors 'remastered' by now-regular Lee colorist June Chung) plus a new beginning and a fresh issue-length conclusion to the moody saga of Christina Marceau, a young woman whose encounters at a psychiatric hospital trigger a vivid bout of personal spiritual revelation. And yet, there's still room for a little more wait - the $19.99 softcover edition apparently isn’t quite ready yet, so this week only sees a pair of limited hardcovers, starting at $49.99. But still, yes, Hellshock is finally done, and you can preview a bunch of pages here. And oh man, I do believe there's still hope for American Flagg!, judging from that link.

(Be sure to read that whole interview linked above for lots of stuff on Lee’s path to completing the story, plus bonus tidbits on Marvel’s upcoming The Dark Tower, like how apparently the first miniseries is going to be a comics adaptation of Wizard and Glass, something I don’t believe has been stated so directly until now.)

Glacial Period: If it didn’t show up last week, this Thursday will greet NBM’s release of Nicolas De Crecy’s post-freeze tale of future archeologists discovering the Louvre and trying to explain everything they find without knowledge of what human history was really like. Preview here. Review by David Welsh here.

The Comics Journal #280: Featuring fun and frolic with interview subject Frank Thorne, plus all the usual stuff you’ve come to expect.

Death Note Vol. 9 (of 13, I’m pretty sure): I’m perpetually a volume or so behind in this thing, so don’t ask me what’s even happening. They could have changed the whole thing. Maybe there’s a fighting tournament going on with warriors from across the globe. That tends to happen in these shounen series, you know.

Superman Confidential #3: It literally just occurs to be now that I forgot to buy issue #2. Bet it didn’t stop looking pretty.

Punisher War Journal #2: Shootings and crossovers.

Iron Man: Hypervelocity #1 (of 6): A random-seeming Iron Man miniseries, worth noting for the presence of Adam Warren as writer, working off a pre-Civil War, pre-Warren Ellis iteration of the character, apparently focusing on the tech-heavy action he dearly loves. Preview and interview with the writer here.

newuniversal #2: Speaking of Ellis, there’s also this.

Midnighter #3: Oh, now Midnighter is in trouble with the Time Police or something. With luck, this storyline will keep getting sillier as it goes, since it’s been more successful with more comedy (given the tiny sample we have to work with, of course).

Scalped #1: Vertigo’s recent ongoing series have been pretty underwhelming, from what I’ve read of them (the first trade’s worth of American Virgin and two issues of Testament), but here’s another, a “Sopranos-style organized crime drama mixed with current Native American culture.” From writer Jason Aaron of The Other Side, and artist R.M. Guéra. Fascinating preview here, if only for the sudden decision to slap a special warning label on page 1 of the PDF and stop censoring the swear words halfway through.

52 #35 (of 52): Could it be... more DEATH!?!

All Star Superman #6: Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely. Smallville, Krypto, tales of Superman when he was a boy. Quality, probably.