What time allows.

*Cobalt 60 is going to be a movie? From the guy who just made 300? Well, let's hope for visuals apeshit enough to match the feeling of Vaughn & Mark Bode's art, since that was always the whole appeal for me.

I'm also eagerly awaiting the cries of "Th... they're just ripping off Wizards!!"

*52 Dept: This book has been good lately. I particularly loved the Jack T. Chick-worthy invasion of Halloween by demonic villain, who's swiftly beaten back by the decidedly non Judeo-Christian "Black Marvel Family," though the seasonal 'spooooky story of deals with the devil' told to Ralph "Must Have Dropped the Backpack Into the Lava" Dibny. Amusingly, Klarion's cameo in the story (not to mention his bit part at the end of Infinite Crisis) fits in nicely with his new achievements at the end of Seven Soldiers, though at some point in the next few months one of his shiniest toys winds up in the pages of Brad Meltzer's Justice League of America.

And speaking of Seven Soldiers - you'd almost think the whole thing was planned out, what with the references Dark Side/Darkseid, who's apparently gotten out of the entertainment business to explore the new market of religion. I love how Intergang's religion of crime actually has relics to pass around from member to prominent member - why, it even gets touched to someone's forehead, just like at Mass! As usual with 52, strange notions and weird sights get mixed with extreme violence ("Those are your brains trickling onto the carpet, smart guy."), just as political/religious maneuvering come courtesy of a crime boss cannibal and a mammoth talking egg with robot spider legs, or two men walk along the beach discussing mental health and the dampering of creativity by medication while a giant metal crab tromps around carrying away a submarine in the background.

Also, as Douglas Wolk pointed out - Jimmy Corrigan reference. And I don't mean the old Spectre.