I have forever!

*52 Dept: Ha ha; ok, you’ve got me there, 52. You zigged where I expected you to zag, and busted out an almost entirely happy (for now) resolution to one of the main dangling plot threads. Strange that we’re in the position by now that everyone flying happily up into the air on the final page can count as a surprise, but there you go.

Also: Intergang has their own religion? Based entirely around crime (with readings from the books of famed criminals, no less)?! That’s bizarre enough to work in a purely ‘oh, we need something to motivate all these anthropomorphic beasts with guns and miscellaneous villains’ kind of way, as infeasible as the whole setup seems. Obviously, there’s going to be more on this later. Plus, if you’re in a rationalizing mood, you can rest assured that Montoya and the Question’s journey to sniff out Intergang’s secret church hall, working ground-level reconnaissance for Black Adam, is what’s been keeping them busy for the last few weeks. This series has gotten increasingly better at allowing such room for off-panel breathing lately, which might be a goodly portion of the battle, considering its setup.

Really, the best part of the issue was the heretofore unseen Giant Lobster Guy getting dragged through the wall behind Black Adam and Isis at the far left of the panel as they smash into Intergang’s med room.

Also: Doc. Magnus arrives in the missing mad scientists plotline, where “the world’s maddest scientists are given an unlimited budget and encouraged to let their imaginations run wild on the finest mind-expanding narcotics available to man!” I guess when you’re on that many drugs there’s no need to flee the beach when a giant cricketron goes haywire and starts toasting random beachgoers; they all look so pleased to be writhing in the flames. Both religion and drugged conformity seem to be recurring motifs in this book (see also: Church 'o Resurrection, the fruits of Planet TERROR). I also enjoyed how Mad Scientist Isle is essentially the same sort of gated, protected community as the institution Doc visited in earlier issues, albeit one that encourages everyone’s deadly creativity. They’re still prisoners, though at least they get fancy purple drinks to sip…