*Heavens I'm tired.


The Vault of Michael Allred #1 (of 4)

The Winter Men #5 (of 5) (although a one-shot special is due in 2007 to wrap up the plot)

Criminal #1

Abandon the Old in Tokyo (new Yoshihiro Tatsumi, and it's all daisies and sunny afternoons)

And I have a whole day ahead of me.

*Ok, let's try


Dork #11: Wow! The return of Evan Dorkin’s Slave Labor showcase series, this time sporting an all-gag format. Tom Spurgeon talks to him here, and there are previews along for the ride.

Cancer Vixen: New to the Direct Market, a high-profile autobiographical graphic novel from writer/artist Marisa Acocella Marchetto, who’s work has been published in Glamour and The New Yorker. Concerning her struggles with breast cancer while navigating through high fashion and many designer names. Allegedly responsible for snagging its author the highest advance ever paid for a graphic novel (it’s published by Knopf), and already in production as a feature film. This official cartoon is probably an adequate representation of the book’s tone and visual style, judging from what I’ve read about it.

Who Fighter with Heart of Darkness: I’ve never heard of this book or its author before, but apparently Dark Horse is putting it out on Wednesday. Huh. It’s a one-off, 208-page collection of strange war comics by Seiho Takizawa, including air battles against mysterious balls of flame, a short adaptation of the famous Joseph Conrad novel, and a tour of armored vehicles throughout the ages. The obligatory preview reveals a heavy realist visual style, with loads of intricate aircraft details. Might be neat.

Desolation Jones Vol. 1: In anticipation of next week’s planned release of the much-awaited Desolation Jones #7 and new penciller/inker Danijel Zezelj, comes a collection of the initial storyline from writer Warren Ellis and artists J.H. Williams III and José Villarrubia (the latter provided colors, and I believe will be remaining on the book to work with Zezelj). The book features Ellis’ best ‘recent’ writing by a pretty significant margin (keeping in mind that the early chapters were actually scripted years ago), but I think the real star is Williams’ and Villarrubia’s endlessly fascinating art, an object lesson in smart visual cues enhancing and deepening a comic’s story.

Chip Zdarsky’s Monster Cops #1: I sure did enjoy those issues of Prison Funnies that writer/artist Zdarsky put out, and this is his new all-ages book (from Legion of Evil Press), which I believe debuted at MoCCA a few months ago and collects a bunch of material dating back to 2003. Various famous monsters team up to be cops and act coply. It should be funny.

The Pirates of Coney Island #1 (of 8): The new one from writer Rick Spears, of Teenagers From Mars and various other books. This time it’s from Image, with artist Vasilis Lolos, and the preview suggests lots of poppy youth gang violence and the like.

Tales of the Unexpected #1 (of 8): Apparently a format companion to DC’s Mystery in Space miniseries, which means it’s another eight-issue, 48-page, $3.99 container for two serials with an old brand name slapped on. Unlike the Jim Starlin-powered Mystery, however, Tales of the Unexpected features two unique creative teams: David Lapham & Eric Battle on the further adventures of The Spectre, and Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang presenting Dr. Thirteen and his team-up a whole bunch of other characters to do something for the six issues of the serial’s length. With covers by a whole lineup of neat people, kicking off with Mike Mignola and a Neal Adams variant. Preview.

Umbra #3 (of 3): Last issue of the interesting Image miniseries from writer (Stephen) Murphy and artist Mike Hawthorne. I'm waiting to re-read it all in one gulp.

52 #23 (of 52): Oh man, this must be the issue where Black Adam’s temporary retreat into peace is ruined and he might take Isis with him!! Unless I’m wrong. Featuring the origin of Wildcat, with art by Jerry Ordway.

Punisher MAX #39: Foreign shootings.