*SPX report will be up tomorrow. Until then, here's the winners of the Ignatz Awards.

In case anyone is itching to know, the most 'buzz' at the show to my mind seemed to be circling around Ninja, a gigantic 11" x 17" hardcover monster from PictureBox, collecting and expanding upon minicomics by Fort Thunder co-founder Brian Chippendale. Publisher Dan Nadel mentioned at Chippendale's panel late in the afternoon that they'd sold all but seven (I think) of the copies they'd gotten for the expo, with the remainder of the print run currently en route for a formal November release.

It's truly an imposing object, its bulky dimensions and loud cover colors broadcasting itself from multiple points across the convention, every attendee who picked one up transformed into a walking advertisement for the tome through their inability to squirrel it away anywhere. Obviously, it's also the first major solo collection of work by Chippendale, quite an event for readers of Paper Rodeo and such, many of whom wept scalding tears when Highwater shut down and took the forthcoming Maggots with it.

It was a strong batch of stuff at the PictureBox table on the whole. There's a new issue of Comics Comics out, now in an expanded twice-folded newspaper format, and probably available for download soon from the official blog. Especially interesting in this issue are Nadel's reviews of Dave Sim: Collected Letters 2004 ("...it's a naked portrayal of a mostly solitary artist at work. In fact, it might be the most revealing record of any cartoonist, living or dead.") and Fantagraphics' 2001 Wally Wood spicy strip collection The Compleat Cannon ("Wally Wood was maybe the best dumb-smart, bad-good comic book artist ever. Jack Kirby was a visionary; Steve Ditko a neurotic genius; Gene Colan a master of mood; Jack Cole a wizard of geometry, and Harvey Kurtzman a dramatist par excellence. But Wally Wood was basically retarded, and in the best possible way."), along with Frank Santoro's illuminating chat with Kevin Nowlan on color processes in comics. Really a nice paper.

All right, still sorting through my comics. More tomorrow.