Time totally conspired against me.

*So what’s the best thing about manga repackaging announcements? Old editions on sale for blowout prices! If, by chance, you haven’t yet obtained Dark Horse’s old trade paperback sized release of the Masamune Shirow series Appleseed (which, I’ll warn you in advance, isn’t finished in Japan and probably never will be), Things From Another World is now blowing out all four volumes at $3.59 each. Shriow is one of those artists that benefits greatly from having his work appear big, so you may want to jump on this before the smaller 2007 re-releases of his library hit, though if you can’t stand seeing things converted to the left-to-right reading format you should keep away.

Shirow is the first manga artist I ever consciously read as ‘manga.’ At the time I was blown away by how different it seemed from Western comics. These days I’m blown away by how different it seems from other Japanese comics.

*Speaking of Never Getting Finished Dept: Seriously though, I’ll be stunned if this shows up in the first financial quarter of 2007. Wha - no, not the Skye Runner variant cover, the one on top.

*Oh god, I'm so strapped. Reviews return tomorrow...