It's freezing.

*When the hell did it get to be forty degrees out at night over here?

*Sorry gang, I have no stunning news from my wild life to regale you with. The biggest thrill of my afternoon yesterday was trying some of Ben & Jerry’s new Black & Tan ice cream, which is supposed to contain, in by far my favorite turn of phrase for the day, “real cream stout ice cream” mixed with chocolate. So, it’s like the ‘real fruit juice flavor’ that goes into the ice pops they give you in grade school then? I tried to look at the ingredients, and I guess it’s the malted milk that does the trick? The final ingredient listed is ‘carrageenan,’ which I think is something that rose out of the sea at the end of the Bible, but I’m probably wrong.

*52 Dept: Well, first things first - Kevin Nowlan is 100% awesome. His two pages in the back are maybe the best two pages this project has seen. His squinty Adam Strange is better than any squinty Adam Strange thus far, and Nowlan’s version isn’t even supposed to be blind. It’s just a really bright day in outer space, and there’s no room for a sun-blocking visor on the helmet of a man of action. I love how Nowlan’s panels are so airy, even though he nails enough of the background details that everything still seems full (just look at the living planet grasping one of those old-style rocket ships). And that last panel with Adam posing for the reader, little Aleea looking as unimpressed as can be, and wife Alanna staring directly at the reader as if to say “yeah folks, that sure was an Adam Strange origin story, wasn’t it?” It was, Alanna.

Elsewhere, in the main story, Supernova busts into the Batcave and totally looks at Batman’s stuff! Then there’s four pages of Steel gratuitously saving people from a burning building and strutting around in the nude, since one or two people were probably wondering what he’s been up to for the last few weeks. Answer: fighting fires without any pants. Then Dr. Kala “Exposition” Avasti bursts in to deliver information to Steel, as is her never-ending mission in this series. Not even concerns of medical privacy will stop this bold crusader, as has already been proven. I’d like her to ride up on a scooter delivering a crucial telegram next time.

That leaves 14 pages of Lobo, Pope of Space (who, not to be outdone, also walks around naked for a while) and his random disciples. I do like this storyline, especially when Sad Religious Dolphin speaks (penciller Chris Batista draws him/her extra sad this time) or fulfils his apostolic duties, like bringing Lobo his pants. He’s kind of the Boo Boo to Lobo’s Yogi, and they’re flying around on the magical ark to learn lessons. There’s an action scene where Animal Man SPROINGs around and Starfire sticks her butt toward the reader’s face a few times before comforting space children in ill-fitting clothes like something out of an '80s Saturday morning cartoon, in space (love the shorthand - floppy clothes equals poverty!). It’s all mildly fun, but mostly treading water. At least the explanation for where the Emerald Eye of Ekron came from was perfectly sensible.