The middle-of-week squeeze is on me.

*Here is a blog about a comic called Criminal. I sometimes think the book is out in a week or two, given all the talk that's going around about it, but it's actully not out until early October. This site has links to all your Icon-released, creator-owned Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips needs until (and after) then. There's even a 'trailer' that seems to have been put together by the creators through breaking up completed pages and patching them together into original attention-catching displays, which is a nice touch.

*Amusements Dept: Yeah, I’m running late tonight. How about a game? And a burning question? What exactly happens to those flying bullet guys after they’re off the screen in Super Mario Brothers? Well, now you can find out in a little thing that’s not directly based on Mario levels, but very much captures the look and spirit. I'll be back with the new comics in 24, give or take.